Homework - Due 02.11.20

Homework – Week Commencing 19/10/20

As discussed in class, your homework tasks this week include:

  • Spellings (Spelling Frame)

  • Online Maths Task: Roman Numerals (Google Classroom - Google Slides)

  • Online English Task: Paragraphs within Newspapers (Google Classroom - Google Drawing)

  • Reading Plus 

Please see details below for further information:


Your spelling words have been set on Spelling Frame: www.spellingframe.co.uk. It is really important that you practise your spellings several times online each week and also complete at least two online tests. We will be having a spelling test in class after the half term break on  Monday 2nd November. 

Reading Plus

Log into www.student.readingplus.com and complete at least 30 minutes of online reading at home per week. Use this fabulous programme to improve your reading speed, comprehension skills and knowledge of vocabulary.  

Maths: Roman Numerals – Google Classroom

This week you will be securing your understanding of Roman Numerals. Once you’ve completed the Warm-Up on slide 1, read the information slides to remind yourself of the rules associated with writing Roman Numerals.  Then, carefully work your way through the slides, completing the red text boxes as you go. The questions will increase in their level of challenge and difficulty as you progress through the slides.

To access your homework, login to Google Classroom, select ‘Classwork’, ‘W.C 19.10.20 Homework’ and then ‘Maths – Roman Numerals’. Remember to open the task using ‘Google Slides’ and also make sure you press ‘Turn In’ once it is completed.

English: Paragraphs within a Newspapers – Google Drawings

In our English lessons this week, we have spent a lot of time exploring the layout and structure of a variety of newspaper articles. This week you will need to reorganise paragraphs in a newspaper article, based on the story of Hansel and Gretel, so it is laid out correctly and flows. 

This week you will be using Google Drawings to complete your homework. When you click on the attachment, it will open up using Google drawings. Depending on what device you use, click and hold the square text boxes to move them around.  When you are happy with the order of your paragraphs, read it through one more time before you ‘Turn in’. Any problems, please just have a chat with your class teacher before the half term break.


All homework tasks need to be completed by Monday 2nd November.