Homework - Due 19.10.20

Homework – Week Commencing 12/10/20

As discussed in class, your homework tasks this week include:

  • Spellings (Spelling Frame)

  • Times Tables (Times Table Rockstars)

  • Online Maths Task: Arithmetic (Google Classroom)

  • Online English Task: Newspaper article reading comprehension (Google Classroom)

  • Reading Plus 

Please see details below for further information:



Your spelling words have been set on Spelling Frame: www.spellingframe.co.uk. It is important that you practise your spellings several times online each week and also complete at least two online tests. We will then be having a spelling test in class on Monday 19th October. 

Reading Plus

As we are currently unable to send guided reading books and reading records home, all of you have been allocated a Reading Plus account. Please log into www.student.readingplus.com and complete at least two online reading sessions at home per week. This is a fabulous programme that will really help to improve your reading speed, comprehension skills and knowledge of vocabulary.  

Maths – Times Table Rockstars

Following the success of our recent ‘Battle of the Band’ competitions, our final competition this half term is a class based competition, Girls Vs Boys as this certainly saw the most engagement in UKS2! Log into www.ttrockstars.com and show your teachers who is the best (and most competitive!) at Maths!

Maths: Arithmetic Task – Google Classroom

This week you have been set a selection of ‘Arithmetic’ questions. In your recent arithmetic lessons, we have been securing your understanding of several written methods: column addition, column subtraction, short multiplication, long multiplication and short division. Now lets see how fabulous you really are at calculating....

Login to Google Classroom, select ‘Classwork’, ‘W.C 12.10.20 Homework’ and then ‘Maths – Arithmetic Task’. Choose between the ‘mild’, ‘hot’ or flaming hot’ questions, remember you only need to complete one of them (= two slides). Remember to open the task using ‘Google Slides’ and also make sure you press ‘Turn In’ once it is completed.

English: Newspaper article reading comprehension Task – Google Classroom

In our English lessons, we have been answering comprehension questions and exploring the purpose and features of newspaper reports. Now let’s show off our fabulous comprehension skills… 

To access the English task, login to Google Classroom, select ‘Classwork’, ‘W.C 12.10.20 Homework’ and then ‘English - Comprehension Task’. Remember to open the task using ‘Google Slides’ and also make sure you press ‘Turn In’ once it is completed so that your teacher can mark it and allocate you some points.


All homework tasks need to be completed by Monday 19th October. If you have any questions or queries, we are always here to help, please just get in touch.

Rowan: catherine.back@school360.co.uk

Larch: charlotte.murdy@school360.co.uk


Keep up the good work everyone...