Homework - Due 30.11.20

Homework – Week Commencing 23/11/20

As discussed in class, your homework tasks this week include:

  • Spellings (Spelling Frame website)

  • Online Maths Task: Negative Numbers (Google Classroom)

  • Online English Task: Apostrophes & Plurals (SPaG.com website)

  • Times Table Rock Stars

  • Reading Plus 

Please see details below for further information:


Your spelling words have been set on Spelling Frame: www.spellingframe.co.uk. It is important that you practise your spellings several times online throughout the week and also complete at least two online tests. We will then be having a spelling test on Monday 30th November

Reading Plus

Log into www.student.readingplus.com and complete at least 30 minutes of online reading at home per week. Use this fabulous programme to improve your reading speed, comprehension skills and knowledge of vocabulary. 

Maths: Times Table Rockstars

Following the success of our recent ‘Maths Week England’ competition, we need to make sure that you continue to develop your mathematical fluency and accuracy. Log into www.ttrockstars.com and earn a minimum of 50 points this week in preparation for some further KS2 Battle of the Band competitions. 

Maths: Negative Numbers – Google Classroom

This week you have been set a selection of questions to secure and deepen your understanding of ‘Negative Numbers’.

Login to Google Classroom, select ‘Classwork’, ‘W.C 23.11.20 Homework’ and then ‘Maths – ‘Negative Numbers’. Remember to open the task using ‘Google Slides’, complete all of the slides and make sure you press ‘Turn In’ once it is completed. 

English: Apostrophes & Plurals – SPAG.com website

You have all been shown how to log onto SPAG.com in class. For your homework, you will be taking the Apostrophe & Plurals tests set for you on SPAG.com, these will cover all of the things we have practised in class over the past two weeks. To help you navigate this new website again, I have also uploaded a flowchart to the 'Classwork' section of Google Classroom.

All homework tasks need to be completed by Monday 30th November. If you have any questions or queries, we are always here to help, please just get in touch.

Rowan: catherine.back@school360.co.uk

Larch: charlotte.murdy@school360.co.uk