Homework Overview Due 21.9.20

Homework –Due 21/09/20

 Your homework tasks this week include:

- Spellings (Spelling Frame)

- Times Tables (Times Table Rockstars)

- English task

- Online Quiz (Google Classroom)

Please see details below for further information.


This week we will all be learning the same spellings. As we will be starting our first history topic soon, the words are Ancient Egypt themed:

  • ancient, archeology, desert, Egypt, king, pharaoh, pyramid, tomb, treasure, valley

Please log into www.spellingframe.co.uk using the username and password you were provided with last week. There are a selections of games, word searches and other activities to help you learn your new spellings. It is important that you practise your spellings several times online each week. You can even complete practise test before our real ones in class on Monday 21st September.

English Homework- Due 21st September 2020

In our recent English lessons, we have been exploring the features of explanation texts as well as planning and writing our own. Now it is time to show off these skills once more!

Your homework task is to design and write an explanation text about a new, very handy machine - the ‘Tidy Your Bedroom’ Machine. Take a little time before your start writing to think about the different features it will include, maybe even draw a sketch of your machine.

Now use this structure to help write your explanation text, don’t forget your subheadings...:


Write a short paragraph introducing your machine and its benefits. Remember, don’t go into too much detail. Remember to include rhetorical questions to hook the reader’s attention.

Main Body (Explain how the machine works)

In this paragraph explain how the machine works. How is it powered? Is it battery or mains powered? Use a formal voice and make sure you include some WOW words!

Main Body (Explain the benefits of your machine)

Why is your machine amazing? What makes it special? How will it help?


Finish off by writing about the main point from each paragraph. 

As we continue to try and reduce the number of items coming into our classrooms, we would really appreciate it if you could share your English task with your class teacher electronically using your school360 email account.

It could be typed and sent to your teacher as an attachment in an email, you could share it as a Google doc or even write it out by hand and then email a photograph of your work.

Please send it to:

Rowan - catherine.back@school360.co.uk

Larch - charlotte.murdy@swansfield.northumberland.sch.uk


Please log into www.ttrockstars.com using the username and password you were provided with last week. A Rowan Vs Larch Battle of the Bands competition has been setup for this week’s homework and we need each and every one of you to logon and help your class to be crowned the champions! The competition will run until Monday 21st September at 7:30am.

Google Classroom

Log into your School360 account, in there you should have an invite to a Google Classroom. Click on this link and it will take you to our new online homework platform. This week your homework within Google Classroom is a quiz, which has questions set to tell us all about your feelings returning to school and also any worries you have. Please read each question carefully and give your honest answers. Don’t forget, it will only be your teacher who sees your answers.

We appreciate that it will take a number of weeks to familiarise ourselves with this new way of completing homework. Please make sure that you speak to your class teacher if you have any questions or queries, we are all here to help you!

Good luck everyone...