Homework Overview Due 28.9.20

Homework Overview- Due 28.9.20

As discussed in class, your homework tasks this week include:

- Spellings (Spelling Frame)

- Times Tables (Times Table Rockstars)

- Online Maths Task (Google Classroom)

- Reading Plus (* For those children that currently have usernames and passwords)

Please see details below for further information.


This week your spelling words have been set on Spelling Frame. Log into www.spellingframe.co.uk, where you will find a selection of games, word searches and other activities to help you learn your new spellings. It is important that you practise your spellings several times online each week and also complete at least two online tests. We will then be having a spelling test in class on Monday 28th September.

Reading Plus

If you have a Reading Plus account and attend sessions in school with Mrs O’Connell throughout the week, please make sure that you complete two online reading session at home in addition to your school sessions - www.student.readingplus.com. This will really help to improve your reading speed, comprehension skills and knowledge of vocabulary. 

Maths – Times Table Rockstars

Please log into www.ttrockstars.com. A Girls Vs Boys ‘Battle of the Bands’ competition has been setup for this week’s homework challenge! The competition will run until Monday 28th September at 7:30am.

Maths – Google Classroom

In our recent Maths lessons, we have been learning about ‘Quadrilaterals’ and ‘Regular & Irregular Polygons’. To secure your understanding, we have uploaded a series of interactive questions for you to work through on Google Classroom. Each question contains a red text box for you to record your answer in.

To access the Maths task, login to Google Classroom, select ‘Classwork’ and then ‘Maths Homework – WC 21.09.20’. Remember to open the task using ‘Google Slides’.

As we continue to try and reduce the number of items coming into our classrooms, we would then like you to share your Maths task answers with your class teacher electronically. To do this select 'Turn in' located in the top right corner of your 'Classwork' page. This will automatically send your work to your teacher.

We really do appreciate that this is still a new way of sharing and completing homework and we would like to say a big ‘Thank You’ to all of our UKS2 families for supporting us with this. Please continue to contact class teachers if you have any questions or queries, we are all here to help!

Good luck everyone...