Science Intent Statement, Policy & Progression

Science Intent Statement

At Swansfield Park Primary School it is our intent to offer a broad, yet structured science curriculum throughout school. This curriculum is bespoke to our school, based on our class topics and our mastery approach so this means our science supports our school philosophies on teaching and learning, assessment and SEND. We believe that every child is entitled to this curriculum, therefore, class teachers adapt lessons, resources or working practices to ensure all children can access science lessons.

In our science lessons, we want to foster an enthusiastic attitude in our children whereby they want to explore and learn about the world around them. Our ambitious, sequential curriculum offers opportunities for our children to learn key concepts and skills as well as to apply these concepts and skills to investigative tasks. This not only ensures concepts are embedded but also develops work ethics and skills far beyond the classroom which are necessary for later life.

Science lessons are based on gaining first hand experience of concepts as well as reporting and applying skills through reading and writing tasks. Whenever possible we use our outdoor environment as a learning resource.