Wb: 21st September 2020

Welcome to the first week of Chestnut homework! Each week children in Chestnut Class will be set spellings to learn as well as another task - this week is maths. 
Please log into www.spellingframe.co.uk using the username and password you were provided with last week. There are a selections of games, word searches and other activities to help you learn your new spellings. It is important that you practise your spellings several times online each week. You can even complete practise test before our real ones in class on Monday 28th September. 
Group 1 Spellings:
1. Afraid
2. Paid
3. Rain
4. Train
5. Wait 
Group 2 Spellings:
1. Adjust
2. Energy
3. Gem
4. Giant
5. Giraffe
6. Jacket
7. Jar
8. Jog
9. Join
10. Magic
Group 3 Spellings:
1. Beginner
2. Beginning
3. Forgetting
4. Forgotten
5. Gardener
6. Gardening
7. Limitation
8. Limited
9. Limiting
10. Prefer
11. Preferred 
Maths Homework Task:
Please log into www.ttrockstars.com using the username and password you were provided with last week. A Chestnut Girls Vs Chestnut Boys Battle of the Bands competition has been setup for this week’s homework and we need each and every one of you to logon and help your team mates to be crowned the champions! The competition will run until Monday 28th September at 7:30am.
If you have any issues with any of the homework set, please get in touch at: katie.moffet@swansfield.northumberland.sch.uk