Wb: 28th September 2020

Hello and welcome to a new week of Chestnut homework. Thank you so much for all of your support as we move towards a more digital way of working - the children have adapted very well! We started Guided Reading last week but have chosen to keep reading books in school rather than send them home to keep cross -contamination to a minimum. The children have all been given a set number of pages to read for this week's session and have been given sufficient time to complete this in school. Their understanding of what they have read and their reading fluency will be assessed during our weekly sessions.  Of course, reading at home is still very important, so please encourage your children to read as much as possible. Here are this week's homework tasks:
Group 1: Group 2: Group 3:
1. Coin
2. Join
3. Oil 
4. Point 
1. Badge
2. Bridge
3. Dodge
4. Edge
5. Fridge
6. Fudge
7. Hedge
8. Lodge
9. Splodge
10. Wedge 
1. Dynasty
2. Egypt
3. Gym
4. Mysterious
5. Mystery
6. Mystical 
7. Myth
8. Pyramid
9. Symbol
10. Synagogue 
English Task:
This week's English task has been set on Busy Things. Busy Things can be accessed by logging on to School 360 and clicking onto Resources. Then select Busy Things and the task is found in 'My Busy Things' - 'Chestnut Class' - 'Assignments'. The homework task is to write a book review of a book the children have recently read using the template provided. 
Please get in touch if you have any issues!