Week2 -24.9.21

Welcome back to our second blog. Firstly, I want to say a big well done to everyone for working so hard over the past couple of weeks and getting stuck into plum class life. Myself, Mrs Hammond and Maja are so proud of you all. Apologies for no pictures on my blog last week, there were some technical difficulties for Miss Freeman! Please enjoy all of the pictures attached.
This week we have been very busy!!
In Read Write Inc, our reception friends have been continuing their reading and writing journey with "Seraphena" and have learnt the sounds d, t and i. Your worksheets have been sent home so please don't forget to practice saying and writing these sounds. It's also important to have a go at writing our previous learnt sounds m, a and s. Try to recap learnt sounds as much as possible and please focus on the correct letter formation.
Our year 1 friends are working hard to read red words, blend and decode cvc words and hold sentences in their head before writing. In particular, please practice reading red words as much as possible. Dont forget, once your child can read red word walls 1 and 2 they will receive a special certificate. 
In our mathematical work we have began sorting. We have sorted objects by colour, shape, size and much more. We've been thinking of more complex things to sort and we have particularly enjoyed sorting animals. For example, we enjoyed sorting them by what they like to eat, how many legs they have or the length of their tail. At the moment we are struggling with explaining and reasoning. Lots of children can easily sort when asked to, but, lots of us need some prompt to think of our own groups when looking at objects. Next week we will continue to practice this skill and do lots of explaining and reasoning.
In our topic work we have enjoyed learning about cars and road safety. We have been looking at old and new cars and have been comparing the differences. We noticed that most old cars didn't have roofs or seat belts and we wondered why. We thought that this wouldn't be safe and we decided that modern cars are much more safe. 
We have also been learning about Garrett Morgan. Can you remember what he invented? That's right, the traffic signal (traffic lights). Can you remember why he invented them? That's right, because he saw an accident between a car and a horse and carriage. After the accident he wanted to find a way to keep people safe. He was a very clever man and we were very impressed with his idea. We enjoyed making our own traffic lights this week.
We've been out in the garden this week with Mrs Hammond tidying, organising, weeding and harvesting our crops that were grown last year. The children were so excited to find beetroot, onions, carrots and corn. We enjoyed cooking some of our finds and tasting them too.
Now that our garden is tidy, we are going to plant some bulbs next week.
The children were also very excited to find a sunflower in the garden but wondered why some of them were dead. We looked closely at the sunflower and talked lots about their life cycle as part of our science work.  We brought it inside and our year 1s had a go at labelling it's structure and then we all enjoyed painting our own sunflower.
Gardening is a great way to develop your gross motor skills whilst having fun!
In our computing time we have been practicing logging into our school 360 accounts and have had so much fun changing our avatars. I will prepare your child's logins so you can take these home and login there too. 
In our pshe work we have spent lots of time talking about our rights and responsibilities as members of plum class. We decided to make a class learning charter to help us understand what is expected of us. We are beginning to understand that we are responsible for making our learning environment a happy and kind place. Plum class decided we need to be kind, make our friends feel happy, use gentle hands and feet, listen to each other and work hard.
All in all a very busy week with sooo much learning. As well as all of this learning we have developed so many other skills, letter and number formation, fine motor skills, scissor skills, name writing, reading comprehension etc.
Things to practice:
Year 1: reading red words from walls 1 and 2, blending cvc words, counting backwards from 20 and number formation
Reception: writing and recapping purposes sounds learnt-m,a,s,d t,i 
Another busy week ahead next week so have a restful weekend and ill see you bright and early on Monday.
Take care, Miss F