Week 3-15.11.21

Another busy week in Plum class... 
In RWI our reception friends have been learning the sounds v, y and w. We have focused lots on letter formation, hearing these sounds in words and sorting the sounds. The children enjoyed a visit from "Sally sounds" on Tuesday morning whilst Miss Freeman was doing parent consultations. She reported back to "Seraphina" that the children are doing a fantastic job! The children were very excited to meet Sally, as you can imagine! As well as learning these sounds, we have introduced the red words me and he. We noticed that these words rhyme with a red word we already know-we. Well spotted Plum class!
Year 1 are continuing to work really hard with blending, decoding and writing sentences. At home don't forget to practice reading red words with fluency. This will really help the children progress in their reading and writing.
In our mathematical work, reception have been busy learning about the number 4 and because it is National Nursery Rhyme week, we have been using our nursery rhymes to practice our number understanding through song. The children have enjoyed using the songs, Five Little Ducks and Five Little Speckled FrogsWe have been working on our counting with one:one correspondence by adding prickles to our hedgehogs, creating number lines with the hedgehogs and recapping our more/less understanding to 5.

Our rhyme for the formation of 4 is

Down and across and down some more, that’s the way we make a four…… please continue to practice number formation at home using the number rhymes we have included on our curriculum coverage tab.

In year 1 we began the week by continuing to learn about ordinal numbers. We enjoyed playing racing games outside and awarding each other medals to show our positions. We talked lots about who came 1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th,6th,7th,8th,9th and 10th. We have focused lots on working out which person was in which position. For example, we had to work out who was after 5th position and who came before 9th position. We still get a bit muddled with this so you could practice this at home in lots of ways. Why not line up your cars and work out which car is in which position? Or, could you line up your teddies and label there position?
Later in the week we looked closely at the number line and enjoyed some problem solving questions. For example, the children had to find a number that was greater than 7 or fewer than 9. They had to find out the difference between numbers using "jumps". They had to work out one more and one less than numbers. All of these skills are so important and deepen the children's understanding of numbers.
Our afternoons have been jam packed....
On Monday we spent some time focusing on our theme of "one kind word" for Antibullying week. We thought carefully about what a bully is and how we can stop bullying. We focused on how to spread kindness with our words. We thought about different strategies to help us and our friends if we/our friends are feeling "picked on". Lots of children needed support to explain what they could do to help their friends and themselves. Please continue to talk about this at home. To show our support, we enjoyed making our own "be kind" posters to put around our classroom and Early years corridor.
On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we enjoyed learning about Diwali- the festival of lights. We introduced the vocabulary festival and belief. Please keep reinforcing this vocabulary at home as we continue our festivals and celebrations topic this half term. We have spent lots of time talking about how different people believe different things. We learnt about the story of Rama and Sita and the children particularly loved Ravana the evil demon King! After we listened to the story, the children enjoyed building their own bridges to help hannuman the monkey cross to the island, we created and decorated our own Diya lamps,  we made our own rangoli patterns, designed our own mehndi patterns and we had so much fun drawing our own rangoli patterns with chalk outside! You may have spotted these in plum class garden at drop off and pick up. If you would like to learn more about Diwali with your child enjoy the video below to find out what we have been learning...
Enjoy the story of Rama and Sita here.... 
In other news, we spent time developing our knowledge of pulse, rhythm and pitch in our music work, We have been busy practicing our handwriting, developing our accuracy in PE with target throwing and continuing to learn about celebrating our differences.
On Friday we had SO much fun celebrating children in need. The children made such an effort with their workout wear! We had fun taking part in Joe Wicks workout and we joined Pear class for a fantastic obstacle course in the afternoon!
Enjoy the pictures from our fabulous week!
Take care, Miss F