week 4-8.10.21

Hi all, welcome back to another blog. I can't believe we only have two weeks left at school until half term. These 5 weeks have flown by!
Another busy and exciting week in plum class....
In RWI we have spent lots of time blending this week. Blending is when you say each sound (in a short word) and push the sounds together to read the word. 
Reception friends have been blending their first set of sounds (m,a,s,d,t,i,p,n,g) to read words like mat, sit, tap, pin, gap, pat. We have enjoyed lots of fun games and activities to help us practice. We are finding this a bit tricky so please practice this at home. On Wednesday we went home a worksheet with words to practice blending. 
Yr 1 friends have been blending more set 1 and 2 sounds to read words. Some us still need practice to read simple cvc words fluently. Practice as much as possible. Why not log into bug club after tea and have a go?
In our mathematical work, reception friends have been comparing amounts and then comparing size. We started by making groups of conkers and then we compared the difference. We used the language more than, less than, most  fewest, equal and the same. We all understood this with ease. We practiced explaining why things were different and why things are the same. We need a bit of work on our explanations. Later in the week we began comparing size and enjoyed building tall and short towers outside. We used the language tall, short, big, small, tallest, shortest. Again, we found this pretty straightforward. Fantastic!
In year 1 we started the week by drawing representations of numbers. We now understand how to represent number in different ways. We still need to practice explaining how representations differ.
Later in the week we did some work on counting forward. We looked at number tracks and filled in the missing numbers. We still need lots of practice to form numbers. Please practice writing g numbers 1-10 with correct formation.
In our topic work we have been learning about George Stephenson. The inventor of the first steam railroads. We enjoyed learning about the history of his steam locomotive and learning about why he invented the first locomotive and then developed "the rocket". 
As part of our learning we had a go at writing some information about him and we drew his rocket locomotive.
In Design and Technology year 1 began planning their moving picture. The children drew their plans and we look forward to making the mechanisms next week! 
Our reception children enjoyed making junk modelling trains. Great work everyone!
We have continued with our science work this week and have been exploring Autumm. 
Our reception children have been out and about  exoring our grounds for signs of Autumn. We found leaves, conkers, acorns, beech nuts, berries and much more!
Our year 1 friends have been learning about evergreen and deciduous trees and learning the names of different trees/leaves. We noticed that lots of the trees on our field are evergreen but we do have some that shed there leaves.
As part of National Poetry we read the poem "the fall song" by Ellen Robena Field. We unpicked the poem and talked about what each part means. We then used this poem as inspiration for Autumn paintings. The children enjoyed an afternoon listening to music whilst getting creative!
In provision the children have enjoyed making their own hedgehog hibernating houses using loose parts, decorating autumn trees with loose parts, exploring the autumn tuff tray with conkers, leaves and pumpkins. We have been busy developing our scissor skills, pencil grip and learning to write our names.
Another busy but great week.
See you all on Monday!
Take care, Miss F