Week 6- 22.10.21

Another busy week in plum class... we are definitely ready for half term! We have worked so so hard over the past seven weeks and on behalf of myself, Mrs Hammond and Maja, we are very proud of you.
This week Reception have learnt the sounds u, b and f. Please continue to practice letter formation of all the sounds we have learnt and please have a go at reading and writing small cvc words using the letters we now know (for example, mat, cat, mud, pan, pin, it,on, cup,gap etc). Reception have also begun learning some red words recently and we have been focusing on the words the and I. Red words are words that cannot be sounded out. We simply need to learn them by sight. Have a go at reading and writing the and I at home too.
Our year 1 friends continue to practice decoding, blending and holding and writing sentences. Year 1 is all about fluency and mastery so please read and write as much as you can. 
In our mathematical work, reception have enjoyed making repeating patterns and spotting errors in patterns. We are getting very good at making 2 part and 3 part patterns. Why not have a go at home? I'd love to see some patterns on your journals.
In year 1 we have been learning about one to one correspondence and have practiced our explanations/reasoning. We have needed some support to explain our answers. We will keep working on this.
In our topic work, year 1 have enjoyed writing short sentences about the story Oi get off our train. We tried hard to hold the sentence in our head, use the correct tripod pencil grip and to use full stops at the end.  
Reception enjoyed drawing pictures from the story and re telling the story with others. There has been some fantastic story language used. Well done all!
We have enjoyed lots of Autumn crafts this week! We have been busy making our own Autumn collages and labelling them with our Autumn vocabulary. We have had fun making leaf men, hedgehogs and squirrels. They are proudly on display around our classroom.
Thank you for the fantastic pumpkin entries. The children have really enjoyed showing off their creations!
Overall, a very a busy week with lots of learning continued. I hope you have a restful and fun half term.
See you after half term. 
Take care, Miss F