And that is the end of another busy half term in Plum class!

This week in our maths learning we have been introduced to 6, 7 and 8. We have been looking at different representations of these numbers such as with numicon, multilink and tens frames but also creating our own representations. Some of us drew cars with 6 wheels or a house with 7 windows. We are getting very good at understanding that numbers can be represented in many different ways, not just in the numeral form. Our counting skills have greatly improved and as we counted the gems from the magic chest we talked to each other about who had the most, the fewest or the same amount as well as ordering numbers from 1 to 8.

In our topic learning we have been historians again and have been thinking about what we mean by the past. We have been looking at  some of our winter memories from the past such as sledging, building snowmen and making snow angels and we have been thinking about whether these events happened this winter or when we were a lot younger. Many of us have a fantastic understanding of the past and we know it can have happened a long time ago but the past is just anything that has already happened. 

We looked at some pictures of Alnwick and winter activities from a long time ago in the past. We were able to look at the Alnwick bridge in the town centre and compare it to the present day. We were super historians as we recognised that the photos from a long time ago did not have any colour in them as in the past they had not developed the technology to produce photographs in colour. We were able to identify differences in transport such as the old horse and cart and the present day cars, the clothes we wear such as winter bonnets and flat caps from a long time ago versus the bobble hats we were in winters now in the present day. Although the activities in the photographs were the same as we do in the winter now; snow ball fights, sledging etc, we could see that the children used wooden sledges in the past but we know that when we all flock to the Alnwick golf course when the snow arrives, the sledges we see around us are all made from colourful plastic.  We also looked at the lights in the pictures .Whilst Alnwick and the Alnwick gardens are flooded with street lamps, traffic lights and fairy lights in this season when the nights are dark, in the old photographs there was just old fashioned street lamps that were probably not using electricity.

We went on to consolidate all of our topic learning this term by creating winter inspired collages collecting all of ideas together in one place. We reflected on our learning about hibernation and migration, what we could see, hear and feel in the season of winter, how animals adapt in regions where there is one continuous season of winter such as The Arctic and Antarctica and the way predators and prey camouflage in these areas. It was lovely to see the children using their acquired vocabulary and sharing their ideas in a visual form.

When we compared a video of ourselves performing with the glockenspiels and egg shakers from a few weeks ago to a video of us now, we were sure that we had got even better at playing music! We love to listen to a range of pieces of music and listened to something very different from what we listened to last week. This week we listening to Mozart’s Horn Concerto no 4 - Rondo. We found out about the classical music style and decided it was certainly different to the conga music from last week! Maybe one day we too will be musical composers; we have, afterall, been thinking about what we might become in the future!

Thank you parents and carers for all of your support this half term. We are seeing lots of fantastic progress in Plum class and we appreciate your help at home. 

Plums- we hope you all have a wonderful half term holiday and look forward to seeing you after a well deserved rest. Enjoy!