This week has been another busy one with lots of meaningful discussions at the centre of our learning. With it being Anti-Bullying week and then Children in Need, its been a week all about caring and kindness. 
The theme for this weeks Anti-Bullying week is "reach out". We started the week by talking about what bullying means (targeted and repeated unkind behaviour) and who we can reach out to if we feel sad, lonely, picked on or bullied. We then talked about what we can do on a daily basis to help prevent this sort of behaviour. We thought about four different options: being a buddy, speaking out, being an upstander or interrupting. We spent time every day talking about how we can care for our friends in the classroom and out on the playground and then played out several scenarios imagining how each person would feel. As you can imagine, there were many really important discussions which demonstrated the how kind and caring our children are!
We also enjoyed listening to the story Rainbow Fish this week. This story is all about a very unique fish with shiny, rainbow scales. The other fish really want to play with him and want to share his scales. However, rainbow fish is mean and says they can't play with him or have any of his scales. After being very mean to his friends, they swim away and no longer want to play with him. This leaves rainbow fish feeling sad and lonely. He visits a very wise octopus for advice who says by sharing his scales he would feel happy again. So he returns to his friends and offers to share his scales with the others. He then had lots of friends around him again and felt much happier by sharing and being kind. This story has a clear message about always being kind and how sharing with others can not only make them feel happy but will make you happy too. To help us celebrate being different and unique we made our own rainbow fish which you can now see proudly on display in the corridor outside of our classroom.
In our mathematical learning this week we have been exploring the composition of numbers 2 and 3. We have been focusing on how all numbers can be made up of smaller numbers. To help us recognise this we enjoyed playing some games. We enjoyed throwing two and then three cones into a hoola hoop. We noticed that some landed in the hoop and some landed out. For example, 1 landed in and 1 landed out. This told us that 1 + 1 still give us 2 all together. We also spotted that when 2 landed in and none landed out this represented 2 + 0= 2. Likewise with 3, either 3 landed in and none out or 2 landed in and 1 out. Both options representing 3+0=3 or 2+1=3.
As we moved towards the end of the week we began to think about 1 and 3 sided shapes (circles and triangles). We enjoyed shape hunting around school and exploring 3D shapes with circle and triangle faces (cylinders, triangular prisms).
Later in the week we continued learning about the story of Christmas. We recapped the Nativity story by watching these wonderful videos...
...why not watch them at home with your child and ask them what they have been learning.
We then enjoyed cutting and sticking to create our own stable scene. The children thought carefully about the various people in the story and how they may have felt when Jesus was born.
On Wednesday, the children enjoyed our drawing club story The Ugly Duckling. This linked nicely to our Anti-Bullying learning and we thought carefully about how the ugly duckling must have felt when he hatched out and noticed he was different to all the other babies. We had lots of fun drawing the ugly duckling and then him as a big beautiful swan.
 On Friday we celebrated Children in need in style! We had so much fun dressed in our pjs and we spent time making Pudsey masks, pictures and enjoyed decorating the school's giant Pudsey with penny's! We really enjoyed playing bear pong and some of us even won prizes! A big thanks to Mrs Johnson for organising the super fundraising activities. We can't wait to find out how much we have raised for those children who are in greater need.
Next week we will be learning about Diwali, the festival of light!
Have a lovely weekend- Miss F