Welcome back to our second blog... although its been a slightly shorter week, we have been busy as usual.
In RWI this week we have been learning the sounds i,n,p,g. The children are continuing to work hard on their letter formation but still need continued support. We would love it if you could keep up the practise at home too by using the formation sheets to help you. Don't forget to continue to recap previously taught sounds- m,a s,d,t. 
This week we have also begun our blending sessions. This involves blending the sounds they have learnt to read short words. 
For example, m-a-t=mat. Why not ask your child to have a go at blending these words- mat, sat, sit, in, pan, pat, nip.
In maths we have continued to spend time working alongside and assessing the children to see what their next steps are. Next week we will begin our maths journey by following the white rose maths scheme.
In our topic work we have been focusing on the vocabulary- similar, difference, past, present, change, growth, baby and child. We spent time looking at the photos of ourselves as babies and talking about how we have changed over time. The children really enjoyed drawing themselves now with focus on the changes. 
Our story in drawing club this week was The smartest giant in town by Julia Donaldson. The children had fun drawing their own giants! Our focus vocabulary was scruffy, ginormous, caring and sharing. Every week the children will continue to develop their literacy vocabulary through a new story. Next week we will be listening to the story Giraffes can't dance.
Later in the week we had lots of fun again in PE learning how to move in different ways. We recapped the skills learnt from last week (jumping safely, skipping, hopping, sliding, shuffling and running) and had fun  playing "mirror that monkey". This game involved the children copying their partner moving like monkeys in different ways.
On Wednesday we had our first music session with Mrs Hewison. Every week this half term she will work with us to play listening games, musical games, she will sing with us, dance with us and show us how to find the pulse in music. The children had so much fun!
A great week had by all but we had lots of tired faces on Thursday and Friday. Happy weekend everyone! You've earned a well deserved rest.
See you on Monday- Miss F