Another busy week in Plum class....

Continuing our topic learning this week, we thought about what clothes we would need to take on a Winter adventure. We were brilliant at sorting the clothes to match the seasons and talking about why we would need to wear them at different times of the year according to the season and temperature.

Our maths this week focused on weight and capacity. We made brilliant predictions about the weight of objects and then used balance scales to check. We used lots of vocabulary and explored the concepts of 'heavy', 'heavier than', 'heaviest', 'light', and 'lighter than'. In our capacity activities we explored the ideas and vocabulary of ‘full’, ‘half full’, ‘nearly full’, ‘nearly empty’ and ‘empty’ by pouring from one container to another and by finding out how many scoops it took to fill containers. Most of us could use all of the vocabulary in blue accurately. However, lots of us found it tricky to make direct/indirect comparisons between different size containers. As we poured a full jug (small jug) of water into another larger jug, we couldn't work out why the larger jug wasn't filling up. We saw that there wasn't enough water, but lots of struggled to see that it was because the larger jug can hold more water. We will continue to talk about this further in provision next week.

There were lots of opportunities in our provision for us to explore capacity and the concepts around it in our adult led sessions as well as in our child initiated time.

As the weeks go by, our abilities in our Charanga sessions are becoming increasingly more and more fantastic! As we have been getting used to playing the glockenspiels, we carried on with this this week, playing Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes. We recapped our learning from last week also and had a go at playing Rock a bye baby. Some of us kept the beat with the egg shakers and some of us played the glockenspiel. We then swapped over with our friends. In our Charanga sessions we listen to a wide range of songs and pieces of music. This week we listened to 'My Mum Is Amazing' by Zain Bhikha and enjoyed the rhythm. We clapped some musical patterns and played a game of copycat rhythms too.  Can you try this at home? Clap a pattern/rhythm and see if your child can repeat it back to you!

 As our Christianity unit of RE continues, we have been listening to stories and talking about what they say about the world, God and human beings. This week we enjoyed watching the story ‘The precious Pearl’ by Butterworth and Inkpen. Tessa, our RE doll who helps us to learn, told us that Christians believe that God is special like pearls and the pearl in the story. We thought about how Christians must be careful with God’s name as with pearls. God’s name is precious and holy because God is precious and holy. We thought about what was precious to us and we enjoyed drawing our most precious and special things. 
In our Jigsaw session this week we thought about obstacles and support. We thought about the kind words that we can use to encourage our friends to complete an activity or to keep going in any situation. We are very kind and thoughtful friends in Plum class.  

Another lovely week full of learning in plum class! The weeks seem to be flying by!

Have a lovely weekend- Miss Freeman