Autumn 1 week 4 2023

Another great week was had by us all!

Our book of the week was ‘The Train Ride’, linked to our transport theme for these next few weeks. Pear class garden turned into a fantastic train station this week as we enjoyed role play linked to train travel. We made our own tickets, talked about what we might see on our journey and whether or not some of us had ever been on a real train before. 

This we also celebrated European day of languages. We found out some brilliant facts about the town we are twinned with in France- Lagny sur-Marne and we went on to make fantastic art centered around creating their town crest. We had lots of fun and used our pinchy and squeezy fingers to scrunch and stick tissue paper onto the shape of the crest. We all worked well as a team to help each other make this.

We are enjoying our daily ‘dough disco’ to strengthen our muscles in our fingers, arms and hands once we have practised writing our names. We are trying very hard to hold our whiteboard pens and pencils correctly- if you see us holding pencils incorrectly during our morning challenge or at home, please correct us so we can get into good writing habits- thank you!

In P.E we ssssslithered like snakes around the hall as we explored snakes as our jungle animal this week. In our NUF session we pretended to be at the airport and then flying on an aeroplane. We changed gears depending on if we were taking off, flying in the sky or walking slowly at an airport.

Our sounds this week in Read, Write Inc have been ‘o’, ‘c’, ‘k’, ‘u’ and ‘b’. We will have our sounds writing practise sheets with us at the end of the week to take home. There is no need to return these to school, but please do practise at home, starting to form the letter in the correct place. We have been enjoying sharing our new reading books this week. We will bring these home at the end of the week to share at home, ready to return to school on Wednesdays the following week along with our library books too. 

Our maths this week saw us matching socks in pairs. We were excellent at finding socks which belonged together and pegged them on the washing line using our pinchy fingers. We have been thinking carefully about things that match this week.

Our RE this week saw us recap on last week’s learning where we explored ‘What is a Christian?’ We discussed what a baptism/christening is and thought about how this is the Christian way of belonging to a faith community and showing love for God. We look forward to Sarah Hamer from Alnwick Baptist church coming into school later in the term to talk to us about Christenings.

In Jigsaw we thought about being part of Pear class and how it’s very important to share and the reasons why.  Our questions to think about this week were ‘How does it make you feel when someone won’t share with you?’ and ‘Why should we look after our classroom?’- we had some brilliant ideas.

‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ was our focus story this week in Drawing club where we drew some amazing beanstalks of our very own and thought about and drew what we might find at the top of the beanstalk- what fantastic imaginations we really do have!


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Have a lovely weekend,

The Pear class Team