Autumn 1 week 5 2023

Busy fingers and busy brains once again this week for us Pears!

Our Read Write Inc sessions this week saw us learn some new sounds ‘f, e, l, h, and special friends ‘sh’. We did lots of activities based around each sound including lots of magnet blending with the previous sounds we have learnt. We are starting to hear sounds in words now and beginning to match a sound with a letter! 

Maths this week involved lots of sorting and matching into different groups. We loved thinking of different ways to sort natural materials such as conkers, leaves and pine cones. We then thought about further ways to sort these and could explain our reasons for our choices. We liked listening to the maths story this week - ‘Seaweed Soup’ to help us with this idea. We have been learning both inside and outside and doing lots of consolidating of previous week’s learning too!

We enjoyed the story of ‘Mr Gumpy’s car’ and as part of our topic learning about transport we thought about what we already know about cars and what we use them for, their features and places we may have travelled in a car. We then did some brilliant experiments with toy cars- finding out which surfaces they travelled best on. We wheeled them on the table, grass, tea towels and paper. Some of us predicted that the cars would travel fastest on grass but when we tested them we realised that grass slowed the cars down quite a bit! We loved this investigation! We also went into Pear garden and built some amazing cars using large construction.

In R.E last week we thought about how Christians welcome babies into the family and into the faith or religion. This week we found out about the Muslim ceremony of Aqiqah and how babies are given a little bit of honey to taste and get their hair cut or shaved off. We know that families share food with the community or people who are less fortunate than themselves and we drew some pictures of good we thought would be good to share.

In Charanga we found the pulse of the song and loved singing along to Sing A Rainbow by Peggy Lee. We clapped, tapped our knees and danced along to ‘pat a cake’. We are getting good at keeping a rhythm!

In Pear class we are very kind friends with kind hands. We thought about being gentle and kind with our hands in our PHRSE ‘Jigsaw’ session and we understand why it’s important to have kind hands.

Drawing club this week saw us listening to the story of ‘Giraffes can’t dance’ (one of our 3 C’s stories) and we considered the setting of the story and had a go at drawing our very own settings for Gerald the giraffe. This was after we did a brilliant Action Time!


Another fun filled week indeed! We are starting to think about the changing of seasons and how we are now in ‘Autumn’. If you are out and about over the weekend, see if there are any signs of Autumn on your travels- let us know!


Have a lovely weekend,

The Pear class team