Blog 21 - 24th March

You should have all had a text  message sent out to you earlier in the week, reminding you about our Tiddy Triathlon, which is taking place on Monday.
We are asking that the children wear bright clothes (not your best clothes as we intend to get messy!) Please bring a bag of spare clothes in and leave it on your child's peg (top, trousers, knickers/pants, socks) so we can get your child changed. 
Unfortunately, parents are not able to attend at this time (lots of photos will be on the website next week).
If your child does not usually come to Apple class on a Monday please be at the MAIN OFFICE at 10.20 on Monday and be ready to collect your chilld back up at 11.15 again from the MAIN OFFICE. 
Sponsor forms and money are greatly appreciated - thank you again to all who have already brought in forms and money! 
On Monday another group of children had their library visit and this time we listened to the story 'The Whales on the Bus.' This story is very similar to the class, well known nursery rhyme "the wheels on the bus" however the story we listened to had lots of animals in it. It was a fantastic rhyming text, and had things such as: "the bees on their skis" "the sheep in the jeeps" " the ducks on the truck" and
 "the dragon in the wagon." I've attached a link to this story below as its a good one and hope you all enjoy listening to it at home! 
More children went to the library on Thursday and this time we listened to "An elephant and piggy". We have such a great time at our library sessions, listening to a story, singing songs and then completing our simple activity - this is always around the story we have just listened to! The children are always full of chat when we leave and they are so excited to get back to Apple class and tell their friends. 
On Tuesday the children welcomed another visitor into Apple Class and this time we welcomed Gary who is a Paramedic! Unfortunately, Gary was unable to bring his ambulance this time (as you can appreciate, they are in very high demand.) Nether less, Gary came with his bag of equipment and showed the children what was needed to enable him to do his job. 
He explained to the children what to do in an emergency and which important number to call - 999. He then went on to talk about how important it is to know your address. He said if you ever did need to call an ambulance that you should stand outside and to help the ambulance driver by spotting you easily. 
Vocabulary that we learnt from our Paramedic visit was:
and patient. 
Musical Apples this week (Wednesday) has been amazing and so much fun! We watched a video clip by STOMP, a junk instrument music group. The children were fascinated and joined in so enthusiastically as we made our own STOMP band. We've attached the video so that you can watch it at home too. We wonder if you can make your own STOMP music? As they played the cardboard boxes, the children explored the different sounds they could make with their hands - banging, stroking, pitter-patting their fingers, scratching with their finger nails - the possibilities were endless! 
And lastly, we had great fun learning about the 'waste collectors,' but unfortunatly our arranged visit from the bin men didn't take place due to dangerous, high winds. This has been reschedulded for next half term.  Today (Friday) we even had the waste collectors bring their wagon into our Apple Class garden! Nevertheless, we've had time to explore our waste bins and which bin is used for the different waste. The children now know that each bin is used for a different purpose (general waste, garden waste, recycling and glass). We also discussed the 3 Rs: Reduce, Recycle and ReuseThis is something that we all need to do a lot more of. 
Next week, we welcome Mrs Farrar's dad who will be bringing in a Fendt tractor for Apple friends to see, as part of our topic 'people who help us' (farmers) and the RNLI Crew will be paying us a visit! 
Have a lovely weekend and take care. 
Mrs Farrar and Mrs Grimes