Blog 25 - 5th May

Hello everyone, 
Well I'm sure you can all guess what we've been up to in Apple Class this week - of course, its been all things 'Coronation!' Everyone has been so excited and enjoying the run up to the celebrations of the King being Coronated at the weekend. 
The children have thoroughly enjoyed bringing out and showing you all of their 'crafty bits' they have made. They made a crown 'fit for the King,' a ribbon/wool wand, painted flags and even had time to squeeze in planting some red, white and blue flowers! 
Today, the children had a celebratory lunch (afternoon tea) and the hall was filled with decorations - which was very special for them to see. To finish off our week and to round up the celebrations for the day, the children, along with the rest of the school, joined in with a very special, Coronation CONGA! The field was a sea of red, white and blue and the children listened to 'Sing for the King' and the National Anthem, which was sang by the whole song, and then proceeded around the field!
Wow - such fun had by all! 
We really hope you have a fabulous long weekend and enjoy any celebrations that you get up to! 
Mrs Farrar is heading to London to watch it in action! She can't wait to show the children her photos of Buckingham Palace and hopefully the King's golden carriage! 
Bye for now and see everyone back in Apple on Tuesday!