Blog 26 - 12th May

Hello everyone, 
Although we may have had a short 4 day week, it was still jam packed full of fun, learning and playing! 
The visit from the lambs last week sparked and led much of our discussions again this week. We discussed what a newborn lamb needs to thrive and survive - can your child remember something that a lamb needs? 
One of our activities this week was to play a matching pairs game. This time we were thinking of and remembering animals and what their young is called - again following our visit from the lambs!
The animals and their young that we learnt about were: 
sheep and lamb,
cow and calf,
goat and kid,
horse and foal,
pig and piglet,
duck and duckling,
hen and chick,
swan and cygnet,
goose and gosling,
cat and kitten,
dog and puppy.
You could play this game at home! 
You say a 'cat' and see if your child can remember 'kitten' for example! 
Our mathematical learning this week came from making our own farms and using mathematical questions to challenge the children's learning. 

We asked questions like:

How many ‘cows’ do you have on your farm. 

Can you add 3 pigs to your farm? 

If you have 1 dog and 2 ducks, how many animals do you have altogether? 

On my farm I have how many animals? Can you make a farm with the same amount? Can you make a farm with more/fewer animals than me?

We've sung many songs this week (I hope you've heard them too at home!) The old favourites have been sung - baa baa black sheep, Old McDonald, The farmers in the den, Mary had a little lamb. 
In addition to this, we played a fun game in Musical Apples. While the music played, we ran, skipped, hopped and jumped like lambs but when the music stopped, we ran back to the mats where the mum sheep (the ewes) were waiting to eat and drink. It was great fun!
Our Wednesday morning trip to Summerhill care home to take part in our Little movers session was extremely successful. The group of children who went thoroughly enjoyed themselves, with lots of laughter, dancing and singing - special mention to Eddie who stole the show with his super dance moves!! 
Have a lovely weekend everyone.
Mrs Farrar and Mrs Horne-Smith