Blog 2 - 22nd September

Well... that's another week done and dusted! Time is flying by and we are now starting to feel the chilly, wet, Autumnal weather approaching. Please remember to bring a waterproof coat, warm hat, scarf and gloves (with names on) everyday or to keep in your child's bag should the weather get cold. We go outside everyday regardless of weather. 
Anyway on with the week... this week we have been learning all about our families and who lives in our house! We've had many great discussions around the important people in our lives and begun to think about diverse and families that our different from our own. We have read many stories that are around diverse families and the children have really enjoyed them. From this our creative learning this week has to recognise and identify the people who live in our house, making sense of our own family. Our questions to discuss this week have been Who lives in your house? Does everyone have the same family? 
We've been making families and houses in our small world area using peg people, dinosaurs and characters! 

We've also been measuring the height of each child and displaying them on the door in the classroom! this on the wall. We discussed who's the tallest, smallest and how we are all different in height. 

Key vocabulary this week is: family, mum, dad, brother, sister, older, younger, shortest, tallest.
Onto other learning we've given our finger muscles a little work out by using string and cotton reels. Our job was to thread the string through the cotton reels - most children did this very confidently whilst others still need a little more practice. 
We've had great fun outdoors this week - even in the rain! We've been in our garden to explore the adventure playground, we used the bikes to help develop our gross motor skills and used our new planks, wheels and rods to make our own vehicles! Such great fun had by all. 
Next week we will be focusing on one of our core texts 'Goldilocks and the three bears.' Shhh.... I think there's been an intruder over the weekend! I wonder who that could be.... 
Looking forward to seeing you all then. 
Mrs Farrar