Blog 8 - 10th November

What a lovely first week we've had back in Apple Class.


Can I just start by saying a massive thank you to all parents and grandparents who took the time to come and have a chat with me on Wednesday and Thursday (I know I still have a few of you left to see next Wednesday - you have not been forgotten.) It was really lovely to have a little chat about your child's progress, how well they've settled and their next steps! We will have another chat in the spring time, but if you do have any questions or worries in the meantime then please get in touch. 


Back in the classroom, as you can imagine we've been very busy! We started the week by discussing all things fireworks and bonfire celebrations. As well as talking about our own experiences, the children found out the history behind this yearly event.  They have discovered that a man called Guy Fawkes, who didn’t like the king very much, tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament many years ago.  When his plan failed, he was captured, put in prison (the dungeons) and then killed!  Maybe you’d like to research this story a bit further over the weekend. 

The children have been constructing their own bonfires and as you have seen from their learning journals this week, the children have been very busy getting messy with the paints! They've used bright neon coloured paints to flick it onto black paper to create some fantastic firework sky scenes. 


With Remembrance Sunday taking place this weekend, we took a little bit of time on Thursday and Friday to discuss why we wear poppies. We talked together about all of the people (in particular soldiers) who had lost their lives during the wars and about the importance of wearing poppies. The children watched this lovely video on Cbeebies ( ) to help them understand more about why we wear poppies. This video is a sensitive way of presented this theme to our youngest children.

Afterwards, the children loved painting poppies, making poppies using loose parts and cutting out/colouring their own poppies. We have also spent a bit of time this week creating our fabulous remembrance display. You may have already seen it, if not, make sure you do so next week! Maybe over the weekend you’d like to make a poppy or go to a Remembrance Sunday parade. 


Our key vocab this week was: Guy Fawkes, bonfire, rocket, zoom, spin, whirl, whizz, fizz, crackle, pop.


 A few REMINDERS for the week ahead: 

Monday 13th November is Odd Socks Day! If your child attends Nursery on Monday all they have to do is wear some odd socks - it's that simple! It's to promote difference and that were all unique as part of Anti-Bullying week. Apple Class will be looking at friendship, turn taking and lots of sharing. 


Friday 17th November - Children in Need - Non Uniform Day (or SPOT-A-CULAR) wearing anything spotty for a donation of £1.


Have a great weekend everyone and wrap up warm if you're out and about at Remembrance Parades on Sunday! 


Mrs Farrar