Blog 9 - 17th Nov

Happy Friday Apple Class!



Thank you to everyone who contributed to Odd Socks Day and Children in Need! We had so much fun today. Everyone looked fabulous in their 'spotty' attire. 


This week we turned our attention to an amazing Julia Donaldson story - The Smeds and The Smoos (it really is one of my favourites.) As we read this story we discovered that Grandfather Smed was being very unkind and told Janet that she was not allowed to play with the Smoos (Bill ) and equally Grandmother Smoo was being very unkind to Bill by saying that he was not allowed to play with the Smeds (Janet). Bill and Janet did become friends and realized that just because they were different to one another, they still had the best adventures together. In the end, a baby Smed-Smoo was born. This baby was not blue like a Smoo and it was not red like a Smed - it was a mix of both colours and was purple! This sparked the interest of many and we made our own SmedSmoo babies and painted them purple. We spent a lot of time throughout the week colour mixing red and blue to create a shade of purple. A selection of SmedSmoo babies are now displayed in the classroom. 

So although we really are beginning to understand the moral of the story, the children also gained the skill of colour mixing through activities afterwards.


If you'd like to watch a version of The Smeds and The Smoos over the weekend, I've attached this video below! 


In our outside play, and linked to our Anti-Bullying week work, we created parties for our friends. The children worked together in the mud kitchen to make pies, soups, milkshakes and lots of other treats that could be shared together with friends. 


As the weather has turned much colder this week we like it if the children zip / button their coats up before going outside to play. Lots of children struggle with doing their own coat up so please this weekend can you allow your child to practise doing  their own coat up. 

Have a great weekend all,

Mrs Farrar 

The Smeds and The Smoos 
Click the link below to play.