Cherry Blog Autumn days!

Hi Cherry families :-)
Just wanted to put a little update on to keep you in the full swing of the "going ons" of our 2 and some of us now 3 year olds!
We have thoroughly enjoyed our autumn weather so far, your children have had the best time outside exploring the world around them and the ever changing autumnal colours and weather. The children are really enjoying exploring autumn and having a go at understanding what that might mean in our world and what that might look like.
Our school field has had a blanket of beautiful leaves on the ground and we couldn't resist to go and check them out. There have been lots of colour describing, as you can imagine red, orange, brown, pink and yellow pop up a lot. Cherry Class discovered that there are lots of different shapes and sizes and used the words that would represent small or large to them such as "baby one, teeny, weeny, big one" 
The most exciting part was discovering the Chestnut tree. We have been blessed with windy weather this past week and it has blown down a lot of conkers in shells, no matter how many conkers we took from the shells it was still fascinating for the children to watch from number "1-50" when we opened them up. They really wanted to know how big the conker would be when it came out of its shell or how many were hiding in the shell. 
The children have collected their autumn treasures and are exploring and using them in the classroom. Some conkers have entered the dino world, some children liked to use them in the living room, home areas mixing them in pans with large spoons, other children liked to carry and transport them around the classroom or simply observe the features of the treasure.  We have also brought some things home to represent autumn.
Enjoy looking at the fabulous pictures and videos of our latest learning and exploring Claire :-)