Cherry Blog September 2022

Hello Cherry families, a warm welcome to our very first blog of our new academic year!
Well if we do say so ourselves our wonderful Cherry Class have settled back into their routines very well after a long break, and our new Cherry chums have been fantastic at settling in to lots of new surroundings and new people. Well done :-)
Our Cherry journey started off with the children making representations of themselves through arts and crafts (pictures below).  We have been looking at what it takes to make a face and naming different body parts and how many we have! The children expressed through short conversations with staff and peers about how we look different from one another such as hair and eye colour. Along with topic work it has been wonderful to watch the children explore the classroom and build confidence each day they come into the setting and allowing the children to explore objects, tools, resources to fulfill own play needs and being confident to ask for help when they are not sure or need help.     
We have have also been making our lovely Cherry Chum tree.  The children helped create a blossom tree and made their own mark painting a cherry ready to go onto the wall.  
Along with our very messy jobs the children take great joy in making their weekly play dough. We are getting super at measuring very carefully and are remembering to take our time. The children are particularly good at listening to instruction from the staff during this activity. Great to see the children build skills such as hand and eye coordination, scooping, mixing, measuring (full and empty), using two hands at the same time holding and stirring. 
We also had to get our gardening gloves on and tackle cherry allotment and pluck the vegetables from the vegetables patch. We managed to harvest carrots, radish and beetroot. The children judged the vegetables through a taste test after we washed, peeled and chopped. Safe to say Cherry Class vegetables passed the test and were very yummy.     
Thank you for a lovely couple of weeks, enjoy our first blog and check out the pictures below :-) 
Claire :-) 
:if you don't see your child on this blog don't worry we have lot of blogs to come and sometimes our newbies can be a little camera shy :-)