Healthy Plants (Science)

We wanted to find out what plants need to grow and stay healthy. We wrote a list of things we thought they might need, then set up a class experiment using cress to find out if we were correct!
We planted 5 groups of cress seeds.
Group 1 had everything we thought the seeds needed: soil, water, light and the right temperature (warmth).
Group 2 had no water.
Group 3 had no soil.
Group 4 had no light.
Group 5 had the wrong temperature (we kept the seeds cold).
We took photographs each week.
Some of the plants grew quicker than others.
Some plants looked healthy and some looked unhealthy.
Why do you think that is?

Group 1 had water, soil, light and warmth.
Group 2 had soil, light and warmth but no water.
Group 3 had water, light and warmth but no soil.
Group 4 had water, soil and warmth but no light.
Group 5 had water, soil and light but no warmth.