Homework tasks

Friday 19th May (due by Friday 26th May)
No homework this week.
Friday 12th May (due by Friday 19th May)
Thank you for all the wonderful Coronation homeworks last week - they were great!
This week in Maths we have been learning about mass and how to measure and compare the mass of different objects.
For homework this week, please log in to Busy Things (via School360) and click on Ash Class, then 'Mathematics', then 'Measurement', then 'Length, area, volume, mass and temperature'. Have a go at the "Ordering - how heavy are these objects?" game, then try the "Measuring shapes: height" if you'd like to practise the ruler skills we learnt in class two weeks ago! Enjoy!
Friday 5th May (due by Friday 12th May)
I hope you all enjoyed our Coronation celebrations in school on Friday! For homework this week, I would like you to prepare something to present to the class next week during 'Show and Tell' time. You could write some sentences to read out about how you celebrated the Coronation, or draw a picture to describe to us. Perhaps you and your family have chosen to avoid the celebrations - what have you done instead? I look forward to hearing your news in class next week!
Friday 28th April (due by Friday 5th May)
We have been looking at fractions in Maths this week, learning that a whole can be shared into two equal parts to make two 'halves' and into four equal parts to make four 'quarters'. Can you share objects into halves and quarters? Perhaps you could cut a piece of toast in half, or a pizza into 4 quarters (please ask an adult to help you with the cutting). Or you could draw a picture and cut it into four equal parts to make a simple jigsaw. We look forward to seeing what you get up to! 
Friday 21st April (due by Friday 28th April)
Welcome back to the Summer Term!
In Science this week we have started our look at our 'Materials' topic - what are things made of and why? Your homework this week is to go on a materials hunt around your house / local area and note down examples of different uses of different materials. For example, you could draw a knife and fork as examples of objects made of metal; or take a photo of a table as something made of wood. See if you can find at least two examples of things made of metal, wood, plastic, paper, cardboard, rock/stone, bricks and fabric. Happy material hunting everyone!
Friday 24th March (due by Friday 31st March)
Thank you to everyone who came to see our Class Assembly on Thursday - the children really enjoyed it!
For this week's homework we are celebrating our love of reading! Can you find the most interesting/extreme/different place to read your book? (Please remember to stay safe whilst doing this!) Ask your adult to take a photo of you reading your book and send it to me at chris.rose@school360.co.uk - thank you, and enjoy!
Friday 17th March (due by Friday 24th March)
On Wednesday 22nd March we are going to the farm! We have been learning about different aspects of farming and life on a farm through the year in class for our topic work this term. For homework, I would like you to think of two questions you would like to ask the farmer next week. Can you write them down and draw a picture of what you think the farm might look like - I can't wait to read them and see your pictures!  
Friday 10th March (due by Friday 17th March)
Year 1s have been starting to look at numbers to 50.  For your homework I would like you to spot or count and record numbers to 50 and where you saw them or what you counted.  So for example you might spot the number 49 on a door or you might count 20 red cars while you're on a car journey or 25 children in the park! Be ready to tell the class on Friday about three of the numbers you spotted - bring in a picture or photo if you can.
Year 2s have been sharing items into equal groups.  For your homework I would like you to find items to share ; this might be sharing 20 colouring pencils into 4 equal groups-how many in each group? I would then like you to tell the story and write the division sentences. For example: 20 pencils shared into 4 equal groups.  There are 5 pencils in each group. 20 /4 = 5.
Friday 3rd March (due by Friday 10th March)
In class this week we have been thinking about how to keep ourselves healthy by: eating a balanced diet, drinking plenty of water, getting plenty of sleep, staying active and keeping clean.  I would like you to keep a home diary over the next week of things you have done to be healthy. For example, you might note that on Saturday you were active by playing football, playing outside, going to the park or going for a walk.  On Sunday you might say that you ate all your vegetables at lunchtime as part of a balanced diet!  If you would like to you can illustrate your diary too! Good luck!
Friday 10th February
No homework this week and over half-term. Well done to everyone for your efforts with homework this term - enjoy the break!
Friday 3rd February (due by Friday 10th February)
Thanks for all the 3D shapes we saw in class this week!
Next week in Science we are learning about the human body. For homework, please log in to Busy Things, navigate to Ash Class, then click on "Science" then "The human body". I'd like you to try the 'Parts of the body', 'Parts of the body 2' and 'Parts of the face' interactive worksheets.
**Please can books and reading records be in school every day next week as due to some timetabling changes we will be listening to reading groups on different days. Thank you.** 
Friday 27th January (due by Friday 3rd February)
We've loved seeing the children's 'coins' totals on Numbots rise steadily through the week - the top of the leaderboard is very close! Thank you again for your support.
This week for homework we'd like the children to continue to explore Numbots (and TTRS) and are especially encouraging those children who've not managed to log in yet. Please let me know if you are having any issues with the site.
In Maths this week we are looking at shapes so I have asked the children to look around the house to see any everyday objects that match the 3D shapes we are learning about. Happy shape-hunting!
Friday 20th January (due by Friday 27th January)
It was great to hear how excited the children were this week to share the changes they've made to their School360 avatars with the class. Thank you for your support with the online learning.
This week, we continue in that theme - I would like all the children to log in to Numbots. Usernames and passwords for Numbots were handed out earlier in the year, but please email me (chris.rose@school360.co.uk) if you are having any problems logging in. Year 1s - please have a go at the number bonds to 10 and 20; Year 2s - try the adding and subtracting two-digit numbers questions. 
P.S. Year 2s: your Numbots login details also get you on to Times Table Rock Stars (play.ttrockstars.com) so if you want to, you can log on there and have a go at the 2, 5 and 10 times table questions. Good luck!
Friday 13th January (due by Friday 20th January)
Happy New Year to all Ash Class families! I hope everyone had a restful break - it's been great to see all the children come back with enthusiasm and energy.
Your child should have received their School360 username and password which have all been recently updated (please let me know if you have any problems logging on at home). This week, I would like all the children to have a go at logging on to School360 at home. Once logged in, please encourage them to edit their avatar and to explore the site. Clicking on 'Resources' then 'Busy Things' will enable them to access games and activities linked to our learning in class. 
Friday 16th December (due by Friday 13th January 2023!).
We love reading in Ash Class! 
For your homework I would like you to write a book review. This could be a book you have read in class or at home, or maybe a book you get for Christmas! I would like you to tell me the book's title and author and whether it is fiction (a made-up story), non-fiction (provides us with facts and information) or a poetry book.  In your review I would like to know whether you enjoyed the book and your favourite part and/or characters.  Did it make you happy or sad? Did you laugh our loud? Would you recommend it to others to read? You could also draw an picture for your book review.
In January we are going to be creating a reading display and I would love to feature some of your book reviews.
Friday 9th December (due by Friday 16th December).
We have been practising our Christmas performance and learning about how different people celebrate around the world at this time of year. For your homework task this week, can you write a letter to me about some of your own family traditions at Christmas / winter time. Do you have a special meal? Do you leave a carrot out for Rudolph? Do you enjoy going for a walk all wrapped up in a hat and scarf and gloves?
Remember to set out your letter as we practised in class, using "Dear ..." at the start and "From ..." at the end!
You can draw a picture too and add some labels.
I look forward to reading your letters!
Friday 2nd December (due by Friday 9th December).

In our Art sessions we have been doing some line drawings and thinking about shading.  For your homework this week I would like you to do a line drawing of your choice.  I have attached a file below with some examples.  Your drawing could be of an object in your home that you can observe carefully. You will also see on the attached sheet a couple of drawings of hands that have been filled with different lines. You might choose to draw around your own hands and complete them with lines and patterns. I'd  love to get some of your creations up on our homework wall.


Friday 25th November.

This week, please spend some time practising the songs for our Nativity performance. You can find a playlist of the songs here:
Thank you!
Friday 18th November (due in by Friday 25th November) - Topic.
In our topic work this term, we are starting to look at the seven continents - Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, North America, Antarctica and Australia.  We are going to create a 'continent' box for each of the seven continents that we will add to throughout the year.
For your homework I would like you to bring in something for one of the boxes. It could be a souvenir from a holiday, or a photograph of somewhere you've been. You could even draw a picture of the object and bring that in!
Make sure you can tell us where your object is from (which continent, and also which country!).
For example, a fridge magnet from a visit to Disneyland in Paris: this would be from the country of France in the continent of Europe; a shell from a beach in Scotland (which is part of the United Kingdom and the continent of Europe).  Alternatively you could choose a continent and find a picture on the internet of something from that continent, for example: a picture of the Grand Canyon in North America. Enjoy your travels!
Friday 11th November (due in by Friday 18th November) - Maths.
Y1s: we have been using 'First, Then, Now' stories in class this week. For your homework task, I would like you to draw three of your own 'First, Then, Now' stories. Can you write the corresponding fact family next to each one? See attachment at bottom of page for example.
Y2s: we have been practising adding and subtracting 1 from a number this week. For your homework task, you are going to have a go at adding and subtracting 2. So, pick a number between 11 and 100 and write out the number sentences to add 2 and subtract 2. E.g.
45 + 2 = 47
45 - 2 = 43
Can you write out up to 10 examples?
Friday 4th November (due in by Friday 11th November) - Topic.
In class this week we have been learning about why we celebrate Bonfire Night and the story of Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot. 
For your homework this week can you create a picture of a bonfire or fireworks (or both!). You could use a collage technique: cut out strips of brown paper for the wood and logs on the fire, then use red, orange and yellow pieces for the flames. Or for a dramatic firework picture, use different colours to create the explosion then attach coloured strips of paper for the trails. 
And finally, if you are going to an event this weekend, stay safe and have a great time!
Friday 14th October (due in by Friday 21st October) - Maths.
Year 2s 
We are going to be counting in 2s in class next week, so for your task at home I would like you to find something you can count in 2s. This might be pairs of socks, gloves or shoes or even 2 pieces of pasta at a time.  See what number you can get up to.  I would then like you to draw what you have counted and count in 2s next to your drawing. 
See attached example below.
Year 1s
I would like you to go number spotting this week. What numbers to 10 can you spot and where? Write down the number you spot and where and then on either side of it the number before the number you have spotted and the number after it.  If you feel confident with 1 less and 1 more within numbers to 10 then go for some bigger numbers!
See attached example below.
Friday 7th October (due in by Friday 14th October) - Topic (History).
Your homework this week is to create a factfile about Grace Darling, the heroine we have been learning about in our Topic work. You could include details like her name, when and where she was born, the name of the islands she lived on, when she performed her daring and courageous rescue and details about her family.  We watched these two clips in class so you may want to rewatch them to remind yourself of Grace Darling's life. Don't forget you can include a picture or drawing of Grace in your factfile if you would like to! I can't wait to see your factfiles in class next week.
Friday 30th September (due in by Friday 7th October) - Maths.
Your homework this week is a maths task reinforcing our work in class over the last week.
*See attached pdf for examples.

Y1: to practise counting backwards from any number within 10 can you draw at least 4 different sized rockets with countdown windows showing a number in each; for example, one of your rockets might have four windows counting down 3,2,1,0.  Again it would be great to display these in the classroom.  If you feel confident you could take your countdown beyond 10 - how far can you go?

Y2: to practise writing numbers to 100 and identifying the tens and ones can you draw base 10 to represent numbers between 10 and 100. Remember to write (in words!) the number of tens and ones, and you could also write the number in words too (e.g. five tens and three ones, fifty three). How many can you do?! It would be great to display these in the classroom so work hard on your presentation and make it stand out!

Friday 23rd September - "Not all superheroes wear capes!"
Our topic this term is Superheroes, and this week we have been learning about everyday superheroes in our community, like firefighters, nurses, police officers and vets. They are superheroes because they help other people (or animals) in need. 
Your homework task this week is to draw a picture of your own superhero - someone who helps you or the people around you, or even a made-up superhero! Can you add labels to your picture to show the equipment and uniform that your hero uses? You could extend your homework by writing why this person is your superhero!