Read, Write, Inc- Mrs Horne-Smith, Mrs Tate and Mrs Johnson's group

Your child will be supported daily by Mrs Horne-Smith, Mrs Tate and Mrs Johnson. They know all Set 1 single letter sounds speedily and can blend sounds into words orally. They are able to Fred Talk most words. Lesson content involves continuing to teach and review Set 1 Sounds with the focus on the set one Special Friends sh ch th qu ng nk qu.
In addition, the children learn to read the sounds and words needed to read a simple Ditty sheet ( this is a worksheet with relevant sounds, red words, green words and a sentence) each day. They also write a simple phrase or sentence related to the Ditty.
To support your child at home:
-They will bring home a ditty sheet at the end of the week. Help your child to read the sounds, words and sentence on the sheet. 
- Think of a short sentence they could write containing some of the words from their Ditty sheet