Reading in Chestnut Class

We love to read in Chestnut Class and take every opportunity we can to get stuck into a good book! Every Thursday we get to go into the school library and choose a book to read for pleasure. We have a Guided Reading book that we read in school and also get to take home to enjoy with our family. As well as all of this, we have a class reader where we choose a book to enjoy as a class.
Our Class Reader:
We are currently reading 'The Iron Man' by Ted Hughes.
"The Iron Man came to the top of the cliff..."
So begins one of the greatest modern fairy tales, Ted Hugh's extraordinary fable about a huge metal man who comes from nowhere and terrifies the people of the Earth -  and the one little boy who tries to understand him.
We all went down to the local library to investigate what books (and what else!) they had available to help us learn and play. Alnwick library is really a fantastic resource for the community and its new location in the Playhouse is fantastic!