Reading in Chestnut Class

We love to read in Chestnut Class and take every opportunity we can to get stuck into a good book! Every Tuesday we get to go into the school library and choose a book to read for pleasure and our English work is always based around a quality text. As well as all of this, we have a class reader where we choose a book to enjoy as a class.
Our Class Reader:
Following a class vote, we are currently reading the Roald Dahl classic, 'Matilda'.
Matilda is a five-year-old genius blessed with amazing mental powers. She loves to learn and has read all the great classics of literature – but instead of being proud, her horrible parents call her an ignorant liar. But when they and her vile head teacher Miss Trunchbull try to ruin her life, they’ve reckoned without one thing Matilda can do which nobody else can…
Our English Text:
Our English work this half-term is based on the poetry of T.S. Eliot, specifically the poems 'Macavity: the Mystery Cat' and 'Mungojerrie! and Rumpelteazer'. Later on, we will base our writing on the picture book, 'The Polar Express'.
Books We've Read: