Reading in Maple class

We love to read in Maple class and we take every opportunity we can to get stuck into a good book! Each day, we spend some time reading our class read together and every Wednesday we get to spend time in the school library where we choose a book to read and also share stories with each other. Below is some information about our class read and the text we are studying in our English lessons.
Our Class Read
We have spent some time in class talking about British values and so our first class read is called, 'Atticus Claw Breaks the Law' by Jennifer Gray. It is a vey entertaining book and will let us have plenty of discussions about right and wrong, following rules and how we can always try to help one another.
Our English Text
To start the year, we are reading the Charles Dickens classic, 'Oliver Twist'. We will be reading this exciting and gripping story together and using it to base all of our written tasks on. 
Enjoying the Library!
Every Wednesday, we get to go to the library to choose a reading book and we also read a book as a class, either a chapter from a longer book or a picture book, which bring back lovely memories from when we were younger!
Here are some photos from a recent library session: