Hello everyone,
I hope you are well! If you need one, here's an activity for you to complete at home while our school is closed.
As I'm sure you remember, yesterday (Tuesday 6th February) was Safer Internet Day. I would like you to make ANYTHING that highlights how to stay safe online. You can make a poster, write a poem or a song, create a board game, write a's up to you! We will using this work as part of a display in school, so please take your time and make sure it is well presented and the best you can do.
If you'd like an extra challenge, you can also record a video telling other children how to stay safe online!

 Ideas to think about:

  • What did you learn from the story of Mo and Jaz?
  • What can you remember from the story of Penguin Pig which we read last term?
  • Can you remember SID's Top Tips?
  • What changes in technology can your parents remember? Think about the changes we looked at with phones, computers, music devices and gaming devices.
  • What changes would you like to see online and with technology?
  • How could we help to make the Internet a better place?
The leaflet below gives lots more information, including a list of SID's Top Tips, the message we learnt from Penguin Pig and a bit of insight for parents as to who these characters actually are! You can also find a copy of Mo and Jaz to download (only for PowerPoint, I'm afraid - if you haven't got PowerPoint, you can watch and listen to the story here).
Thanks and I hope to see you tomorrow!
Mr J
PS - If you would like more activities, don't forget about Times Table Rockstars and Numbots, as well as the resources and activities on School 360.

I'm so sorry that we can't be back in school together again today. We are working hard to get you back as soon as possible!
Here's an activity (if you need one) for today.
The Journey
I would like you to pretend you are going on a long journey. Unfortunately, you don't know where you are going or how long you will be away! Also, you are only allowed to take seven things with you...
  • What seven things will you take?
  • Draw a picture of and label each item (you might want to draw a bag or suitcase to put them in as well).
  • Then (and this is the really important bit) write a reason why you chose each item. You can use this stem sentence to help you, if you like: I will take _____ because _____ .
Try to think creatively and give good reasons!
Take care everyone,
Mr J
PS - If you want another challenge, see if you can practice using column addition and column subtraction :)

Hello everyone,
Unfortunately, school is still closed today. I am missing you all and hope that we can be back together soon! In the meantime, here's an (optional) activity for you to enjoy.
Have you ever done a scavenger hunt? In a scavenger hunt, you are given a list of items. The idea is to try and collect everything on your list. Sometimes, people compete against each other to see who can complete the list the quickest. There are often unusual things on the list that you have to really search for!
I've added a selection of scavenger hunts below, as photographs and as a download. Why not see if you can complete one of them?
Now you've had a go, can you create your own scavenger hunt? It's a nice idea to try to think of a theme and it's best to use bullet points to organise your list.
Have fun!
Mr J