Transport topic - Aln Valley Railway visit

We had a fantastic visit to the Aln Valley Railway on Monday 2nd October as part our our topic on transport and travel.  The children were full of curiosity during the tour of the engine yard and platform area with lots of questions for the Aln Valley volunteers about the different steam engines,  electric and diesel trains and the huge piles of coal.  They were also very taken with the folding table in one of the plusher carriages, sink and cooker!  It was exciting to get on the diesel Pacer train which took us on a return journey from Lionheart Station along the track to Greenrigg Bridge.  The weather was fair so we were lucky enough to have a walk from Greenrigg to the Cawledge viaduct which was designed by Robert Stephenson in 1848.  All of that and back to school in time for a welcome lunch!