Week 6- 5.12.22

Another week has flown by in Pear class! The children have done a fabulous job in our Nativity rehearsals again this week and we are raring to go for our dress rehearsal on Monday. Don't forget, if you are bringing younger siblings, please bring them along to this performance.
This week our topic work has centred around the story The Jolly Christmas Postman. As we all know, the job of a postal worker is vital, especially at Christmas. We thought carefully about this and considered what they need to do their job. Just as in the story, we noticed that postal workers deliver letters and parcels to many people. We realised that they might get lost and so maps are essential to help them get around. We knew we were heading to the Post Office on Wednesday and so we decided to make our own maps to the Post Office so we knew where we were going. We first looked at google earth and enjoyed looking at our route. We talked about things we would pass and see on the way and ensured we included these on our map. We had lots of fun! Take a look at our post office pictures below.
To support our directional language, we had fun moving and directing Bee Bots around our own map of Alnwick. Whilst the children had fun exploring a new technological device, they developed their language; forward, backwards, turn, left, right. It was soo much fun! Bertie our classroom Elf even had a go at using the Bee Bots overnight!!
In our mathematical learning we continued to explore the composition of 4 and 5 by arranging 4/5 cubes in different ways and then pressing them into playdoh to see the pattern. For example, 3 along the bottom and 1 on the top or 4 down 1 to the right. Have a look at some pictures below.
We also continued to think about 1 more/1 less than within 5. We sang the songs 5 currant buns and 5little speckled frogs. We thought carefully about the concept of 1 less being linked to taking items away. The children had fun singing the songs and spotting the 1 less pattern.

Over the last half term, we have really developed our knowledge of different dance types and how they link with emotions/feelings. We have had a go at practising the various styles and creating our own danced in these styles too. This week in our P.E session we thought about what our favourite nursery rhyme was and thought about how to adapt it to make it our own. We then performed this to the rest of the class. We really thought hard about how the different emotions and dance styles could be used to make our dances as fantastic as possible! Well done Pears!

 Our Chranga session this week was full of fun as we listened to ‘Spiderman sung by Michael Bublé’  We listened for the beat and joined in with clapping, stamping, clicking and toe-tapping. We then sued instruments to create our own sounds by improvising. Lots of fun was had by us all! We then performed our ‘Not too Difficult’ song to end our session.


We are all such brilliant friends in Pear class and we always try our very best to have kind hands, feet and words- we are fantastic at this! This week we discussed and explored how we should react if someone was ever unkind to us. We thought about which words to use to stand up for ourselves when someone says or does something unkind. We know that if we don’t like what someone does or says to us, we can say ‘please don’t do that, I don’t like it.’ We also know that we can speak to an adult in school who will help us solve our problems.


In both RE and our Jigsaw sessions this year we have been thinking about ‘what makes us unique’ We know that there is only one of us and that we are all amazing and unique in our own way. This week we thought about the word ‘precious’ in RE and found out that Christians believe that every human is precious to God, known and loved by God. We then shared with the class what makes us precious. We are all such fabulous people!

 Please remember to record in your child’s reading record when they have read to you.


Have a lovely weekend,


The Pear class team

Exceptional Explorers on our route to the Post Office!
Mastering Mathematicians!