week 7- 20.10.23

Another busy and exciting week for us...

We have been well and truly in the swing of all things harvest and Autumn this week. We enjoyed taking part in the harvest festival on Wednesday- didn’t we do well! We loved sharing our song "tasty food song". Well done everyone!

Reception have been thinking about combine harvesters, what their job is and what they look like. We then enjoyed creating our own combine harvesters in groups outside- we are getting very good at making large scale models out of planks, crates, tarpaulin and more! We have also been looking at harvest pictures and photographs and talking about what we could see. We have been learning lots of new harvest topic words such as: harvest, grain, threshing, reaping, thankful, celebrate and festival.

 In our maths learning this week, reception tested their muscles when we thought about what was heavy and we also thought about what was light. We used this maths vocabulary very well and are beginning to see and understand the differences between different objects and say whether they are heavy or light. 
In year one, we are thinking lots about the sequence of the number line to 10. We have been thinking about "one more" and working out how to find one more in various ways. First we enjoyed drawing one more and talking about what one more looks like (we need another one) and then we ordered numbers to ten and worked out how to find one more. Keep practicing this at home.
October is Black History Month and in Plum class we enjoyed learning about Mae Jemison with links to our transport topic! Did you know she was the first black lady to travel to space! We enjoyed painting some portraits of her and constructing our own rockets.

 This week in our jigsaw session we considered what our responsibilities might be and had a great chat during circle time about the word ‘responsibility’ and what it might look like in school and at home.

In our RE this week we have been considering some ways of showing that people are special from other religions, specifically Hindu Dharma. We found out Hindus celebrating Raksha Bandhan which celebrated the special bond between brothers and sisters. We learnt that a sister ties a band (or rakhi) of gold and red threads around the right hand of her brother. We made some beautiful designs of our very own.

Although our end to the week has been wet and windy, we have still had so much fun! 

Have a lovely weekend- try not to get too wet!