Welcome to Plum Class

Welcome to Plum Class 2022-23!
Our teacher is Miss Freeman and Mrs Hammond is our Higher Level Teaching Assistant. Miss Ellie Brown also helps us learn, every day!
Miss Freeman and Mrs Hammond are in Plum Class every morning. 
Miss Freeman, Mrs Hammond and Miss Ellie Brown are in Plum class Monday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons.
Mrs Hammond, Miss Claire Hornsby and Mrs Katie Willoughby are in Plum Class Tuesday afternoon. 
Miss Freeman and Miss Ellie Brown are in Plum Class on Friday afternoons. 
We spend our days learning and discovering.  We do this in many ways.  We follow an engaging, broad curriculum and enjoy following our own interests and fascinations in our play. We work with adults to learn and develop new skills and we practise these skills on our own in the enabling environment which surrounds us. 
You can contact Miss Freeman at annabel.freeman@swansfield.northumberland.sch.uk