World Religion Day

Pear class are finding out about 'Why is the word ‘God’ special to Christians?' this half term, which is taken from Unit F1- God- in the new Northumberland Agreed Syllabus 2022-2027. As part of their World Religion Day learning they have been exploring that Christians believe that God made all of the beautiful things in the world. The children have been talking about things they find interesting or wonderful and also about their own experiences and feelings about the world. Pear class have created a fantastic whole class piece of art to demonstrate their ideas as well as individual pieces of creative work. The children recognise that Christians believe that God made all of the animals in the world.
In our RE sessions, 'Tessa' our RE doll helps the children in Pear class with their learning and activities. At Tessa’s church, they use the name ‘God’ a lot. Pear and Plum class have been finding out about what happens in church and to understand why Christians pray and sing to God. The children have been learning the words to 'The Lord's Prayer' and the hymn 'He's got the whole world in his hands.'