Digital Parenting

Digital Parenting
There's a lot of advice about online safety out there. Some of it is excellent advice, some of it is contradictory and much of it is years out-of-date.
The Internet is now a major part of almost every aspect of daily life, and that's just as true of family life as it is work, school or entertainment. It would be a missed opportunity for children not to actively engage and develop skills through digital endeavours.
So what are the online safety rules that matter? Here are five key tips brought to you by ParentZone:
And here you can find some further advice:
It’s almost impossible for most parents to keep up with all of the apps and services children use online, so ParentZone have compiled a handy guide to introduce you to some of the most popular ones:
If you would like a more extensive list, a range of parent guides can be found here: