Early Years Curriculum Information

Our Curriculum
At Swansfield Park Primary School, we are very proud of our progressive Early Years Curriculum. Play is at the heart each and every day and children are encouraged to develop skills across the whole curriculum through exploration, discussion, reviewing and revisiting. They are encouraged to play with independence, alongside peers, with adults both indoors and in our out door environment. 
Our curriculum is led by the expectations of the EYFS Framework and we follow the Development Matters Non Statutory Guidance which sets out a clear pathway for progression for our youngest children within our pre-school provision (Cherry), through nursery (Apple) to our reception classes (Pear and Plum). At the end of their reception year, our children's achievements are recorded against the Early Learning Goals. 
Our curriculum is firmly based within the core areas of the EYFS Framework and it is our clear intention that our children develop the necessary communication and language, personal and physical skills to successfully access the exciting and broad ranging curriculum that our school offers within EYFS, KS1 and KS2. 
Our curriculum is thematic and many of these themes are revisited several times during a child's EYFS journey with us in order to cement the learning of key vocabulary, skills and knowledge. In simple terms, it helps our children to 'know more and remember more.'
Our curriculum is flexible and this means that it is based upon skill progression, allowing all children to learn at a pace that is right for them. Our progression documents give suggested classes and age points where particular skills are taught, but this is for guidance only. Many children will acquire skills rapidly and ahead of age expectations and where this is the case, opportunities are given for children to apply and deepen this learning. For many reasons, some children do not work at the age related expectations and our clear skill progression ensures that they are able to access the curriculum at the point that is pertinent for them.