Coronavirus Closure - Week 6 (11.05.20)

** UPDATE: Please note that this week's TTRS Challenge is a Studio challenge, not a Garage challenge as originally detailed in the weekly blog - Sorry for any confusion that this has caused!

Hi Larch Class,

I must begin by congratulating all of you that took part in our Battle of the Bands Tournament against Rowan Class last week, my goodness it was a close competition, well done! As a ‘thank you’ for all of your efforts, I have given out some school360 points to those of you that took part. There were some tremendous efforts that deserve a special mention, well done to our ‘Class TTRS Champion’ Jacob who scored over 11,000 points as well as Aimee, Lyla, Thomas, Lucia, Jess, Leo and Ellie who also scored highly, great job! I’ve just heard that another one of the KS2 classes want to challenge us to a tournament in a few weeks’ time so I’ll let you know the details soon. Which class could it be?!

Last week’s ‘Star of the Week’ certificate was awarded to Leo. Not only have I been so impressed with the quality of his Maths and English work each week, Leo always goes above and beyond, from his St George’s Day puppet show, his beautiful Family Learning entry, not to mention the fossil and VE Day bag that he has made this week! Such a great attitude to his home learning, keep up the good work Leo.

This week’s Home Learning tasks continue to follow a similar structure to those set in previous weeks. This is your final week exploring poetry. You have three new poems to read and then your very own piece of WWII poetry to write. You also have a list of new spellings to learn this week. For Maths, you have Big Maths, Schofield and Sims, TTRS and a series of three lessons on ‘Statistics’. Mr Rose has also been busy pulling together some exciting activities to get you started on your WWII topic work which you can read all about later in the blog.

Work to submit this week:

This week we would like you to submit your Big Maths and your English World War Two poem by Monday 18th May. We will then provide each of you with some personal feedback. Please send your Maths to Mrs Murdy and your English work to Mrs O’Connell, where possible, using your School360 email address.


English (From Mrs O’Connell) - Year 5 and Year 6 are doing the same work this week.

Poetry Unit: This week you are going to be looking at three poems all about World War Two, considering the Blitz. Just like in previous weeks, there are three PowerPoints to work through, each PowerPoint focuses upon a new poem. Once you have explored the three poems, it will be time to move on to your final poetry writing challenge (see below).

Writing Task: This week you are going to write a poem about World War Two. There is a PowerPoint for you to follow and this will guide you through the process and explain the task in detail - Please email this task to Mrs O’Connell by 18.05.20.

Spellings: Please look up the definitions of the following words and then write a sentence using each word, correctly and in context:









It would be great if someone could then test you on your spellings each week. Remember to keep a record of your scores and challenge yourself to do the best you can!

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Maths (From Mrs Murdy) - Year 5 and Year 6 are doing the same work this week.

This week, we are all moving on to a new unit of work: Statistics’.

I’ve created a series of three lessons for you all focusing upon the following areas:

- Lesson 1: Reading and interpreting tables

- Lesson 2: Reading and interpreting line graphs

- Lesson 3: Calculating the mean

I would like you to work your way through the attached Maths PowerPoints. As in previous weeks, these resources are just like the inputs that we would complete together as a whole class in our Maths lessons, starting with a ‘Warm Up Challenge’ followed by some information slides, key questions and finally the details of your independent tasks and some tricky mastery questions.

I’m more than happy for you to work through the Maths PowerPoints and record your answers on a piece of paper or even discuss them with someone in your family. You don’t have to print them. You’ll notice that everyone has the same PowerPoint inputs this week with it being a new unit of work. Read the independent tasks within them carefully though as some of them have been differentiated into Bees & Beetles.

I have also uploaded a learning prompts poster all about ‘Statistics’ to support you with your independent work.

You don’t have any pages to complete in your photocopied maths booklet this week. Once you have worked through the ‘warm-up’ challenges and ‘teacher input’ slides in each of the three PowerPoints, you’ll find the questions for your independent tasks at the end of each of the PowerPoints. Please record your answers to these questions on a piece of paper, making sure that you date and title each piece.

In addition to the three PowerPoint lessons on Statistics, I would also like you to do the following Maths tasks:

- Big Maths: Skills Check 6 (one side) - Please send to Mrs Murdy to mark and provide feedback

(** For those of you on the Stage 6 sheet, please don’t worry if you haven’t got a protractor at home for Q25)

- Schofield and Sims: Complete the next page in your book, totalling nine completed pages to date.

- Times Table Rock Stars: Studio Challenge - 10 games.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Humanities (From Mr Rose):

Our new topic this term is World War II. This week, we will learn about the key events that led to the outbreak of war - how and why did World War II begin? We will learn about which countries were directly involved, and whether they were part of the allies or axis countries.

Start by looking through the PowerPoint – “The Outbreak of War”. You can create your own KWL grid, or download and print the one attached below.

Listen to (or read) the speech given by Neville Chamberlain here:

Watch this short video explaining the outbreak of war:

Read the attached information sheet - “Early World War II information sheet” – and using the information you have collected create a timeline. You could illustrate some of the key events to make your timeline more visually appealing.

**OPTIONAL TASK** Next, use the information on Slide 10 to help you to colour in the World War II Colouring Map Activity Sheet to show the Allies, Axis Powers and the Axis-controlled and neutral countries.

Finally, over the coming weeks we will create our own museum filled with artefacts we create about the people and stories of World War II. To start, can you write a diary entry (written as a Year 5/6 pupil in September 1939) from the day war was declared? How would you have felt? What questions would you have had? What might your parents have told you? See the “Diary writing prompt sheet” attachment to help you.

If you have any questions or queries about the above Humanities tasks, please just email Mr Rose using the following address:

Keep up the good work Larch Class, we are all so impressed with the fabulous progress that you are making at the minute, you are all superstars!