Apple class arrangements w/c 12.2.24

10th February 2024

Dear parents and carers, 

As mentioned in my previous communication today, Apple class provision will re-open on Monday 12th February but there will be some changes to the usual offer that I ask you to consider carefully. 

It is not possible for children to be in the Apple classroom next week due to the work that will be happening both internally and externally in this area.  I know that attending Apple class is an important part of our children’s weekly routines, is an essential part of some family’s childcare arrangements and is their educational entitlement. With this in mind, Apple class will move to our Hop In space. This is situated beside our school library and many of you will have had parent consultations with Mrs Farrar in this room back in November. Whilst staff have spent time today filling this space with familiar resources and creating a welcoming environment, it is not as spacious as their usual classroom and  it will not have open access to the outdoors. In addition, children will not be able to access their usual toilet facilities. 

I am therefore asking Apple class parents to carefully consider the use of Apple class for their children next week. If you are able to make alternative childcare arrangements, this will help us to keep the provision available for those who have no alternatives. In addition, you may decide that all the changes in place will not suit the needs of your child. Of course, staffing will remain the same and they will ensure that they support children who are attending to have a positive and happy time. 

Please can you complete the Google form to indicate the times that your child needs to use Apple class. Please note that you may only select from sessions that your child would normally attend. We will send further communication to confirm spaces. 

All children will need to come with a packed lunch and this will be eaten within the Hop In space. As we are not able to access Apple class at present, please can your child bring a spare set of clothes in a named bag on the days that they attend. Children should bring a water bottle as usual. 

Thank you for your support. 

Kind regards, 

Anne-Marie Grimes