Bake Sale for Ukraine

18th March 2022

A bake sale in aid of Ukrainian families will be held on Friday 18th March at 3pm.

We will have several ‘cake stations’ set up to ensure that everyone is able to get served.  Families from Plum, Pear and Apple classes are invited to visit the stall which will be set up on The Little Yard (beside Tic Toc), with Pear and Apple families accessing this area through the Pear and Apple Class gardens.  There will be further stalls from the Studio doors and in the area beside the Park gate for families from Ash Class upwards to visit.   In the case of bad weather, a new plan will be communicated. Cakes will be sold for 50p an item. 

We invite children to bring cake donations on the morning of the 18th March to their classroom. It would be fabulous if as many families as possible could contribute so that the sale can be a big success. If you bring cakes in a tin or box, please label this with your child’s name and class so that we can return this to you.   Please ensure all cakes are NUT FREE and if you bake an 'allergy free' ( no dairy / eggs etc) cake please indicate this .

This is the first of weekly fundraisers to support Ukraine as discussed by our new school council group.  Lots of children volunteered to be their class representatives and those chosen did an excellent job of discussing everyone’s fantastic ideas at the first meeting.  We look forward to sharing these charitable events with you and appreciate your support in the coming weeks.  In class, children will have opportunities to put forward any ideas they have for fundraising to their school council representatives so that they can be fed back to our weekly meetings.

See you at the bake sale!

Mrs Amy Smith, Mrs Gill Sutherland and Mrs Maja Brodowska

Ukraine Fundraising staff ambassadors