Head Teacher's Blog 11.10.21

10th October 2021

We are looking forward to sharing our virtual Harvest Festival with parents via the school website. As we wander around school we have been delighted by the sound of children singing and playing instruments once more, hopefully you’ll enjoy their performances. Please bring your gifts (non-perishable) to school by Wednesday and we’ll send them along to the Food Bank.

On a further musical note, we’re delighted that our commitment to providing a broad and balanced music curriculum has been recognised once again this week as we have been rewarded with Music Mark.  We hope that we will be able to build on the musical opportunities that we are currently providing to get back to our full offer very soon. 

It was wonderful for us both to see children from Years 1-6 for assemblies this week. In order to ensure we keep everyone safe, we are only taking a maximum of three classes into the hall at any one time.  However, we can happily report that all of the children engaged so well with our thoughtful discussions.  Mrs Grimes challenged all of the KS2 children to get involved in climate change discussions. In particular, we used our Picture News for the week to begin thinking about how better public transport facilities and networks could impact and reduce our carbon footprint.  Now is a great opportunity to become involved in this debate with the COP 26 conference coming up in November in Glasgow. There’ll be more on this in the coming weeks for our oldest children. With Mrs Smith, our younger children began thinking about harvest - what we celebrate and how we can use the gifts we have to help and share with others.  With harvest at the heart of the coming week, we’ve shared the music we will be listening to as we come in and leave assembly ‘Harvest for the World’. Which instruments can you hear?  Can you identify which part of the song the chorus is? Here’s a really challenging question… can you identify whether there are 3 or 4 beats in a bar?  The easiest way to work this out is to count along as you listen - what fits best, counting 1, 2, 3 or 1, 2, 3, 4. Children, let us know the answers when you see us!

Thank you for your support with the staggered pick up time which were introduced this week, they are working well and helping to ease congestion at the Park Gate.

As the weather definitely has an autumnal feel to it please remember to send your child to school with coats and wellies so they can enjoy our wonderful outdoor environment at playtime.

This week we have been particularly impressed with – Brogan R, Nico W, Emily L, Casey P, Logan D, Rowan M, Isla S, Alyssa J, Nathan D, Emily D, Dylan J and Frankie P our stars of the week, well done everyone, an electronic certificate will be with you soon.

Bye for now, 

Mrs S and Mrs G