Head Teacher's Blog 18.12.23

18th December 2023

Well, the end of term is in clear sight but we’ve got lots of enjoyable Christmas activities along the way before we reach three o’clock on Friday afternoon. 


We do hope that you all enjoyed our Christmas performances last week, The Magical Christmas Journey and Cinderella Rockerfella. We felt really proud of all the children who sang, acted and danced in such an accomplished way. Thanks once again to the Friends of Swansfield who ran a raffle at each performance. The money raised will pay the coach hire for a trip in the new year.  It’s over to UKS2 now who are hard at work preparing a wonderful Christingle for us on Thursday afternoon. More details in this week’s overview below!


Let’s take a look at the week to come:


  • Our Cherries and Apples will be enjoying songs around the Christmas tree on Monday morning at 10.00 and Tuesday afternoon at 13.45. If you are attending, please come to the main entrance and your child will meet you in the school hall. 

  • Choir is heading out on tour on Monday afternoon and will be visiting care homes across the town to spread a little Christmas joy. Children will be back at school for pick up as normal at 15.00

  • We will be welcoming Northumberland Theatre Company into school on Tuesday morning with their production of A Christmas Carol. Children from Y1 to Y4 will enjoy this festive treat. 

  • Our friends from Ignite will be in school with us on Wednesday morning to work with KS1 children to make a Christingle. If possible, please could children in Plum Y1, Ash, Oak and Beech bring an orange to school to support this. If you’ve already done your shopping for the week and haven’t got one, don’t worry, we’ll have spares!

  • Wednesday is Christmas lunch and Christmas party day! Children can come to school in their party clothes but please ensure that they are suitable for outdoor play (particularly footwear). We are hopeful that a special visitor will be coming along in the afternoon with gifts for each class. 

  • Thursday is Christingle day! If you have made a Christingle at home, please bring it along to class in the morning, children in KS1 will have made theirs at school. Please note that birthday cake style candles burn down very quickly and are not the best for Christingles. Children from Y1 - Y6 will be heading down to St Paul’s Church for a 13.45 start. UKS2 will lead the service. Our ceilidh band and choir will also be performing. We will all be back at school for 15.00 and home time. Families of children from Y1- Y6 are warmly invited to join us for this special event. 

  • Choir will ‘carol sing us home’ on Friday afternoon at 14.30 from outside the studio doors. Families are warmly invited to come and listen from the main yard. Home time will be at 15.00 as usual. 


If you have Tic Toc requirements for the second week of the Christmas holiday, please book in ASAP so that we staff accordingly. 


To help us with our Christingle preparations, if you have any foil mince pie cases could you bring them into school any time this week - they are perfect for putting Christingles into, giving them a steady base. So - enjoy a mince pie or two guilt free, safe in the knowledge that you are helping us out at school!


We had a fine array of stars of the week last week, a huge well done to: Darcie Walker, Ada Thomas, Alice Rekun, Annabelle Clements, Casey Parker, Mason McFall, Alisha Howd. We are very proud of you all. 


Our music this week is an ‘annual classic’! We will be performing our very own Christingle song ‘Flickering Flame’ on Thursday at our Christingle. This song was composed way back in 2014 by our very good friend Cheryl Camm and we have been performing it ever since. Here are the Swansfield choir of 2014 singing it for you. See if you can spot some familiar faces! Look out for a further musical treat at the end of the week from our very own head boy!





See you in the week and wishing all of our Swansfield families a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.


Mrs G

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