Look at music in KS2...

Our music curriculum in KS2 is based upon the Charanga scheme. 
This ensures that children enjoy a rich curriculum based upon the key musical elements of the National Curriculum. 
Of course, there are always opportunities to use our musical skills across the curriculum through singing, performing and listening to music inspired by our cross curricular approach. 
Here are some of our LKS2 children who have been working with our Music Partnership North tutor, Mrs Nicklen, on body percussion.  Their rhythmic skills are progressing very well!
Rowan class have been learning to play together as an ensemble using the song 'I'll be There'.
We know that the song is in 4/4 time.  This means that there are 4 crotchet beats in the bar.
We have clapped the repeating rhythms and then we learnt to play them.
We can read F, G and A on the musical stave as they are the notes we use for this piece.
We hope you enjoy!