Week 1 - Magic Carpet Flight

Week one of the holidays and naturally the rain arrived too! Despite the frequent drizzle we have spent a lot of time outside.
Our theme for the summer is Magical Worlds and for the first week we read the story of Aladdin. When the sun shone we made magic carpets and dens and played in them. When it rained we took our art inside, weaving mini carpets and painting phoenixes with oil pastels. We explored patterns with a variety of different media including drawing in sand and using face paints to decorate our hands. As part of our Aladdin story this week we wanted to make our own wishes so we had discussions in small groups about what we would wish for - some children wished for a pet, whilst others wished for things such as kindness. We then made our wishes, some wrote their wishes while others drew pictures of what they would wish for. Once we had made our wishes we folded them carefully and put them in our golden lamp, dreaming all of our wishes come true.