Head Teacher's Blog 31st October 2022

30th October 2022

Welcome back, we hope you enjoyed the unseasonably warm half term break.

On reflection last half term was almost “normal” and it feels good to be inviting families back into school and enjoying school events. Our Harvest Festival was a special day, the children’s response was amazing considering few of them had experienced performing in front of an audience before - they did so well! The Alnwick Foodbank was very grateful for your generous donations which will make so much difference for our neighbours over the coming months.

Watch out for the November newsletter which will be with you later on this week. It has  details of all our events this term including the arrangements for the Christmas performances.

Parent consultations are back this week - the children from Y3 upwards are welcome to join their parents for these meetings and to look through their books in the Hub and Studio. There will also be a Book Fair which will be  open in the Hub during consultations, an ideal opportunity to buy a Christmas gift or two! Please remember that there will be no teacher based clubs this week due to the consultation meetings.

From Monday we will be serving the new Winter Menu which includes additional daily choice for KS2 children.

With the 31st October upon us, we’ve chosen some rather spooky sounding music this week. Have a click to listen to Dmitry Kabalevsky’s Prelude in C-sharp Minor. What do you think makes it sound so spooky? Could it be that most of it is played at the lower end of the piano with all those rolling deep notes or that it’s in a minor key that always gives a darker feeling? See what you think and let us know!


Congratulations to our stars of the week, they are: Isaac McNeill, Damon Leech, Amber Lamb, Jack McGowan, Chelsea Fordham-Scott, Daisy Oliver, Felicity Davies, Jessie Ha, Ben Reed, Olivia Lee and William Beresford.

Finally here’s the important update on our school attendance. By the end of half term we achieved 96% attendance which is bang on target - please help us to maintain this level of attendance particularly over the winter when the coughs and colds are prevalent. Chestnut class were our top bananas with 97.2% attendance - well done!
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