Autumn 1

What a busy first half term we have had in Cherry Class. The children have done so well settling in and we have observed the children being so brave in the morning when parents leave. 
Once we settled the children started to enjoy and take part in adult led skills and activities as well as exploring their new provision. We had a huge emphasis on helping and encouraging the children to take part in important routines such as snack, toileting, hygiene routines, tidy up, good morning, story time and song bag time. We like to squeeze in lots during our morning sessions! 
We started off with the topic me, my body and families. Lots of families brought in a photo which will remain on our family wall to celebrate who is important to us. The children love showing off their families to each other and like to share with staff 'who is who'. 
Thank you to the families who also took part in a little work sheet to give staff a better understanding of the children's likes. It was lovely to discuss what makes us special and our similarities. 
We have been learning lots about the body and wow Cherries, you did amazingly well at pointing out and having a go at saying the names of different body parts. We created lots of faces using play dough, loose parts, painting our own face and looking at eye colour and hair colour. 
We then moved on to our core story for the half term, this was The Three Little Pigs. The children loved looking at the book (especially when staff put on funny voices) and using the small props within the story corner.  We often heard the children during their free play... "I will huff and I will puff". It's been a pleasure to listen to the children and to catch moments like this when they use refrains from story. 
We have had lots of sensory play and have been exploring autumn treasures. When on our little walk around the school, we discussed what special things are happening during autumn. We have explored pumpkins, autumn potion making, colorful noodles (worms as the children like to say), leaves, conkers and their shells, beech nuts and their shells, acorns and their shells as well as trying to catch a glimpse of the squirrels that live on our school field.  We had to be very quiet!
Take a look at our special moments in Cherry this term :-)