Home Learning Spring Term

These are the home learning activities for the Spring Term.
Home Learning Information
Each week, children will be loaned a book from our reading scheme. Please send a book bag with them each day to carry these to and from school.
We would be grateful if you could:
  • Encourage your child to read these books with you at home;
  • Make a comment or sign your child's reading record to let us know that they have read and how they managed;
  • Send their reading books and reading records with them to school each day in a book bag.
As well as a reading scheme book, your child will have free choice of a book from the school library each week. 
Spellings will be set and tested each Friday. Please encourage your child to practise these regularly – little and often is usually the most effective method for long-term learning.
Due to the way we teach reading, sometimes different children may have different spellings at different times! Your child should know which spelling group they are in. If they aren't sure, drop me a message and I'll let you know.
Each Friday, your child will usually be given a short home learning task to be completed before the following Friday.
As well as this, please practise times tables and number facts regularly with your child at home. By the end of year two, children are expected to know the number facts for the 2, 5 and 10 times tables.
Online Resources
As part of our blended learning approach (face-to-face and online), we often use these online resources:
If you need or have forgotten your password for any of these, please let me know!
Many thanks,
Mr J

8th March - 15th March 2024
Adding suffixes (-ing, -ed, -er, -est and -y) to words ending in -e with a consonant before it.
The rule is: before we add the suffix, we need to BOOT THE E.
(nice) nicer
(nice) nicest
(hike) hiking
(hike) hiked
(hike) hiker
(shine) shiny
(shine) shining
(scare) scary
(scare) scaring
(be) being
Can you spot the word that doesn't follow the rule?
Thanks to everyone who brought or sent in their character review last week. The children enjoyed sharing them (as well as earning their School 360 points for completing their homework!) - if anyone still hasn't completed the task, please still do, as we can share more next week.
Those children who have already completed the task can have the week off homework (or can do some extra practice of times tables).
Mr J

1st March - 8th March 2024
Adding -ed-er and -est to a word ending in -y with a consonant before it (change the y to an i). The root word is in brackets.
(copy) -> copier
(copy) -> copied
(happy) -> happier
(happy) -> happiest
(cry) -> cried
(reply) -> replied
(try) -> tried
(dry) -> dried
(dry) -> driest
(funny) -> funnier
It's World Book Day on Thursday! For your homework, I'd like you to tell me about your favourite character from a book. Some questions to think about:
Who are they and which book(s) do they appear in?
Why are they your favourite character?
What do they do or say that makes them so special to you?
It's your choice how you tell me about your favourite character. You could write about them, create a poster about them or even record a video of you talking about them! Try to give as much information as you can. 
You can bring your work into school or send it digitally (with your grown up) via e-mail - whatever is easiest. It would be great if you could do the homework by Thursday so we can share it on World Book Day!
Mr J

2nd February - 9th February 2024
Adding -ing to a word ending in -y with a consonant before it (the root word is in brackets).
(cry) -> crying
(fly) -> flying
(try) -> trying
(dry) -> drying
(fry) -> frying
(spy) -> spying
(marry) -> marrying
(carry) -> carrying
(copy) -> copying
(reply) -> replying
For your homework, I'd like you to think about the materials around us.
Look around you.
Can you find 5 things that are made from plastic?
Can you find 5 things that are made from metal?
Can you find 3 rough objects and 3 smooth ones?
Can you find 3 hard objects and 3 soft ones?
Bring you lists into school by next Friday, please :)
Mr J

26th January - 2nd February
The sound /or/ spelt 'a' before l or ll.
This week your homework is a short quiz with a mixture of questions about grammar, maths, Bee Bot and the world. It can be find on our online Classroom in School 360. Have fun!
Mr J

19th January - 26th January
Red words this week. Remember, red words are tricky words where letters don't always make the sound we expect them too. With these words, the letter 'o' makes an /oa/ or an /oo/ sound.
I've added a task in our online classroom for you. It includes a quiz on the five oceans. It also includes the Five Oceans Song, so you can sing it to your grown ups! Sorry, grown ups, although I thought it might give you a break from the Seven Continents Song!
Mr J

12th January - 19th January
Adding -ies to nouns and verbs ending in -y.
(The word in brackets is the root word)
(cry) -> cries
(fly) -> flies
(dry) -> dries
(try) -> tries
(reply) -> replies
(copy) -> copies
(baby) -> babies
(carry) -> carries
(marry) -> marries
(family) -> families
Change the y to an i and add -es.
I've set you another quiz on our online Classroom. Here's a reminder of how to access it:
  • Go to School 360 and login (you should all have your details - don't panic if you can't find them, just send me an e-mail or ask me at school).
  • Click on Classroom.
  • Click on Beech Class 2023-2024.
When you're there, please complete the Addition Quiz:
  • Click on Classwork.
  • Click on the Addition Quiz in Homework.
  • You have to click Submit when you get to the end of the quiz so that it sends your answers to me.
Please let me know if you have any problems accessing the Online Classroom - it's a tool we use throughout school, so if we can learn to use it now then it's a great help.
Mr J